A thermometer is an essential instrument for every family. When you have a cold and a fever, you can use the thermometer to measure your body temperature to know your physical condition in time. There are two common thermometers today, one is a traditional mercury thermometer, and the other is a new type of electronic thermometer. Compared with mercury thermometers, electronic thermometers have a safety factor, faster measurement, and more intuitive display. Yufan Micro also has an electronic thermometer solution based on single chip microcomputer. The following is the sharing of all the development contents of this electronic thermometer solution.

Electronic Thermometer Solution

1. Development principle of electronic thermometer program

The working principle of the electronic thermometer uses the temperature sensor to output the electrical signal, directly outputs the digital signal or converts the current signal (analog signal) into a digital signal that can be recognized by the internal integrated circuit, and then passes through the display (such as liquid crystal, digital tube, LED, etc.). Matrix, etc.) display the temperature in digital form, and can record and read the highest value of the measured temperature. It is generally composed of a temperature sensing head, a temperature measuring rod, a display screen and a switch.

2. Function introduction of electronic thermometer program

The electronic thermometer designed by Yufan Microelectronics, the main control chip adopts Jiuqi NY8A054E single-chip microcomputer, and the package model is 16-pin sop. The single-chip microcomputer engineer completes the development of the product through schematic design, programming, and building functional modules, which can realize the following functions:

(1) Button control: click the switch button to control on/off;

(2) Power-on reminder: the power-on buzzer beeps once;

(3) Automatic shutdown: it will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of no operation;

(4) Low battery reminder: The low battery LED indicator flashes red.

The pcb structure of the electronic thermometer is a single panel, using Jiuqi microcontroller as the controller, adding a button module, a buzzer module and a power module. The pcb structure can also be customized according to the needs of users, and can be fully compatible with the male mold shells of various electronic thermometers on the market. The final shape and style of the product can be designed and changed by itself.

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