Beijing, China, April 15, 2021 – tech is participating in the Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 14 to 16, 2021. The booth number is n4.4380. At the 2021 Munich electronics exhibition, taking the technological innovation brought about by new energy vehicles as an example, tech will take you to appreciate the new test solutions involved in the research of the third generation of new materials, the calibration of new power devices, the optimal design of intelligent power supply and the new standard of high-speed bus interface. As a professional testing solution provider, tech once again leads the testing technology reform in the era of scientific and technological innovation! At the exhibition site, come and have a cup of coffee and an “oscilloscope” with our technical experts to share the mystery of testing and measurement!

From each discovery of basic materials to the birth of each future application, the exquisite journey of scientific and technological progress is often exciting. Focusing on the latest scientific and technological innovation theme, the contents of Tektronix booth at this year’s Munich Electronics Exhibition focus on four hot areas.

The innovation of business model follows the innovation of science and technology, and tech has never stopped. Following fluke, Tektronix, another industry leading brand of fortive industrial group, will soon enter Alibaba 1688 industrial products brand station to provide customers with one-stop services for testing and measuring products and solutions by virtue of brand specifications and digital empowerment.

Research on materials and new devices

Material research is the basis of promoting technological progress. Therefore, people regard materials as one of the pillars of the civilization of the times, and advanced material technology has become the focus of scientific and technological competition all over the world. In the field of power semiconductors, it has experienced the first generation of silicon-based materials, the second generation of compound materials, and now the third generation of wide band gap semiconductor materials represented by gallium nitride (GAN) and silicon carbide (SIC), which will become the standard configuration of future smart energy and 5g communication. Gan is usually used in low voltage and low power, such as small household appliances, especially in the field of fast charging, and has a wide range of applications. SiC is usually used for high voltage and high power, such as new energy vehicle drive, 5g base station power supply, new energy and State Grid. Tektronix provides you with complete static and dynamic parameter test schemes for the third generation semiconductor devices.

Zhilian everything high speed interface

In the digital age, data is productivity. In the new digital infrastructure, it is the hub of the digital economy era, shouldering the transmission, acceleration, display, calculation and storage of data flow. With the development of 5g, 8K video, Internet of things AOIT, artificial intelligence, vr/ar and other new generation information technologies, the digital economy has entered a period of rapid development, and the industry has accelerated its upgrading. At the same time, in order to support higher speed, larger communication bandwidth and improve port density in the future, PCIe server port has ushered in the fifth generation standard. The optical communication module has been upgraded from 100g NRZ to 400g pam4 technology. At the same time, new interface standards for consumer electronics have been launched one after another. Tektronix will focus on introducing the new generation of high-speed serial interface technologies, including 400g pam4, ddr5, PCIe 5.0, HDMI 2.1, usb4.0, Mipi 2.1 and DP 2.0.

Smart power test scheme

The 14th five year plan clearly puts forward the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization”, pointing out the direction for the power industry. Energy saving, high frequency, high efficiency, intelligence and small size are the future development trends. Especially with the support of the third generation semiconductor SiC and Gan technology, it is widely used because of its high frequency, high temperature resistance, low power consumption and other characteristics. In the fields of new energy inverter, energy storage, new energy vehicle drive, UPS, fast charging and so on, engineers are faced with developing new gate circuit drive to meet the requirements of faster switching speed, EMI management and more complex topology network. Tektronix’s new scheme can truly and reliably verify the driving characteristics of the new circuit, providing firm confidence for engineers to design safe and efficient power converter products.

New energy vehicles

The era of new energy vehicles has come. With excellent handling performance, advanced batteries and network interconnection of on-board equipment, what do consumers care about most, regardless of conventional performance requirements—— Safe! Quality control! Reliable! Various new technologies have been applied to new energy vehicles, and new SiC devices have been applied to the electric drive part of the automotive three electric system, which has greatly improved the driving efficiency and reduced the volume. The L2 level and above intelligent driving assistance system adopts millimeter wave radar technology, Gigabit automotive Ethernet and other high-speed bus interface technologies. This certainly puts forward higher debugging requirements for designers. As an industry testing scheme provider, tech provides assistance for many new technology testing and debugging.

From April 14 to 16, 2021, Tektronix will meet you at n4.4380, hall N4, Shanghai New International Expo Center. At the exhibition site, welcome to communicate with our technical experts, drink a cup of coffee, eat an “oscilloscope” dessert, and share the mystery of test and measurement!

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