According to the latest forecast released by Gartner, “outdoor cameras” will be the largest market for 5g Internet of things solutions in the world in the next three years. Obviously, the combination of 5g and the security industry is bound to promote the security products into thousands of industries, integrate more new technologies and more application scenarios. Security, once a small scene, seems to be going out of a big era.

What does 5g + AI bring to the security industry?

We know that 5g technology can provide at least ten times the peak rate of 4G, millisecond transmission delay and hundreds of billions of connection capacity. With the implementation and maturity of 5g, many problems that perplex the security industry are likely to be solved. Hundreds of millions of security equipment will create new demand and accelerate the development of scene.

Besides 5g, another driving force is AI. The evolution of computing power, algorithm and data replaces manual work with machines, eliminates potential safety hazards, and improves operational and production efficiency. The video surveillance supported by AI has formed the future direction of intelligent security. It can be seen that 5g + AI + security is full of infinite imagination.

First, the global security products promote the scene diversification.

5g brings efficient transmission, one of the biggest advantages is that the security terminal equipment can break through the limitations of geographical location and space-time environment, and realize the full coverage of video. At the same time, the front-end devices are more diverse and free to move. They can move freely and choose the best monitoring angle to ensure that there is no dead angle at the activity site. This is the trend of globalization and liberalization of security products.

There is no doubt that when more and more space boundaries are broken, the result of globalization is scene diversification. Today, the security industry is gradually changing from “autocratic special” serving public security to “harmonious people’s livelihood” serving social production and life. From industry applications, to commercial applications, and then to home applications, the scene of security products will be everywhere.

Second, intelligent and high-definition products will promote the in-depth application of the industry.

With the continuous integration of new technologies, the ability of security products has also broken through the limitations of the past, showing a high-definition and intelligent development direction. For example, in the aspect of high definition, the current mainstream security products have evolved to the stage of “seeing clearly” to meet the target of distinguishing details. The continuous improvement of definition can meet the definition requirements of port, mining, medical and other industries for remote auxiliary control with the help of video.

At the same time, with the development and maturity of video, audio, odor, biometrics and other technologies, more and more types of perception devices are deployed in security applications, so as to form a dynamic perception system and achieve the goal of “omnipresent and omniscient” of prevention and control work. To be sure, the security products combined with HD and intelligent perception can be applied in more industries, such as important security, urban comprehensive management, port, mining area, travel, environmental protection, fire protection, manufacturing, distribution room, logistics and other industries, and create new business models.

Third, smart security is speeding up its layout.

In the park and outside the park, the traditional park has been upgraded with wisdom, and the security field has been upgraded. At present, the layout of new smart security systems and facilities is being actively accelerated.

From the development trend of the security industry, we can be sure that with the continuous maturity of 5g and AI technology, more and more products and scenarios will be integrated into the security industry, driving the whole market into the fast lane of rapid growth.

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