How to use bitcoin client?

Payment – pay bitcoin to others in exchange for goods, services, or other currency.

Collection – others call you bitcoin to exchange your goods, services or other currencies with you.

Bitcoin bitcoin payment

1. Click the “send currency” button.

2. Fill in the address of the other party’s account in “pay to”, fill in the number of bitcoins you want to pay in “amount”, and then click the “send” button.

3. You can enter “tag” to save the other party’s account address to your address book.

4. If you want to pay multiple people at the same time, click the “add recipient” button.

Bitcoin bitcoin collection

To receive bitcoin, you need to provide your bitcoin wallet address to the payer. Click the “receive currency” button, select the wallet address you want to use, and click the “copy to clipboard” button, so your wallet address will be copied to the clipboard. You can then send the address to the payer in various ways.

Each wallet can have multiple addresses. You can receive bitcoin by paying it to any address listed in “receiving currency”. Click the “new address…” button to create a new bitcoin wallet address.

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