Seagate technologies (NASDAQ: STX), the world’s leading provider of storage solutions, announced that it had delivered Galaxy exos x16 series 16TB enterprise class helium hard disk. This product provides excellent performance and record storage capacity for super large-scale data centers to efficiently and economically manage growing massive data. The company also upgraded the cool wolf and cool wolf pro (Ironwolf, Ironwolf Pro) network attached storage (NAS) series to 16TB.

The demand for ultra large scale, cloud and network attached storage (NAS) has reached record highs. The white paper sponsored by Seagate and recently released by IDC predicts that the global data circle (the total amount of data created, collected or copied in the world) will grow from 33zb in 2018 to 175zb in 2025. Seagate Galaxy x16 hard disk provides the highest storage density, proven reliability and continuous high performance, and can support a wide range of workload requirements and high availability use cases.

Galaxy x16 mechanical hard disk is the largest 3.5-inch 7200rpm hard disk in the world. It is designed to help super large-scale data center, cloud, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and distribution channel businesses meet various challenges: maximize storage capacity, provide customers with excellent flexibility, and improve input / output (I / O) performance and cache function, Reduce the application complexity of various workloads.

Seagate technology recently launched the industry's first 16TB Galaxy enterprise hard disk

Compared with 12tb hard disk, the physical size of the new Seagate Galaxy x16 16TB hard disk remains unchanged, but the capacity per rack is increased by 33%, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of users. Galaxy x16 provides built-in data protection functions, including Seagate Secure Instant Secure erasure function, which can realize safe, economical, fast and simple hard disk replacement.

Sai Varanasi, vice president of marketing of Seagate technology product line, said: “Galaxy x16 hard disk is the key to help enterprise system developers and cloud data centers reduce the total cost of ownership. At the same time, it also supports changing workloads and various applications. Galaxy x16 hard disk is an industry-leading helium hard disk with a maximum capacity of 16TB. We work with cloud / enterprise customers to bring the product to the market to meet the high capacity of data centers Storage requirements. “

Seagate continues to establish new speed and capacity benchmarks, and announced the launch of cool wolf and cool wolf Pro 16TB hard disk for multi-user NAS environment, which can support a workload of up to 300tb / year. Cool wolf is the first choice for home and small office NAS systems. Its performance, low noise and low power consumption enable it to be effectively applied in daily life, such as backup, remote access and file sharing. The cool wolf Pro hard disk is very suitable for NAS running in professional creative work environment and small and medium-sized enterprise environment. Data requirements in these environments are growing, resulting in high-intensity workloads.

Zheng Yafeng, vice president of Tencent cloud, said: “Tencent cloud is committed to building a ‘digital ecological community’, promoting the development of industrial Internet and becoming a ‘digital assistant’ in all walks of life. In the whole life cycle of data generation, collection, storage and application, we and Seagate jointly explore how to deal with the exponential explosion of data by innovating technological innovation architecture from the edge to the cloud. Galaxy x16 of Seagate technology High capacity hard disk has been deployed in our cloud solution, which greatly improves the storage density and performance, and reduces the cost. This solution will not only meet the rapidly growing storage requirements of cloud data centers, but also effectively help us cope with emerging new scenarios, applications and challenges. “

Peng Zhen, vice president of Inspur Group, said: “The era of intelligent computing has come. Inspur is striving to create an integrated, open and agile artificial intelligence industry ecology and provide users with integrated solutions. Inspur and Seagate technology are working hand in hand in many aspects to deepen cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other markets and promote enterprise digital transformation. For the Seagate Galaxy x16 high-capacity enterprise released this time We have completed the preliminary joint test of class II helium hard disk. The test shows that this product has powerful performance and can support a variety of business loads. It not only effectively improves the system capacity, but also reduces the difficulty of deployment and greatly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) “In the future, we will join hands with Seagate to innovate, promote the transformation and upgrading of global industries from informatization to intelligence, and help more customers embrace the upcoming intelligent era.”


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