“Let’s rethink data” Seagate datasphere online summit opens a new vision of data

Beijing, China, October 29, 2020 – Seagate technologies (NASDAQ: STX), the world’s leading provider of data storage and management solutions, today held the “let’s rethink data” Seagate technology datasphere online summit. At this summit, Seagate technology, together with industry experts and ecological partners, has insight into the trend of data industry, and released the object storage software cortxtm and cortxtm open source community, providing enterprise users with a more optimized data storage architecture.

According to the report “new vision of data: from edge to cloud, activate more business data” sponsored by Seagate and researched by IDC, enterprise data will grow by 42.2% in the next two years. Data will also become an important factor of production. Data governance, data operation and so on have become the key issues of enterprises. With the implementation of new infrastructure, the accelerated development of 5g, super large-scale data center, artificial intelligence and other fields, the awareness of data operation of Chinese enterprises is awakening, and the ability of data management is improving. In response to the challenges of data management, Chinese enterprises are the most aggressive.

The survey of new horizon of data also shows that 32% of the available enterprise data is put into use, and the remaining 68% is not used. At the same time, of the 175zb created, only 17zb can be stored, and the remaining 90% of the data is not stored.

Due to the rise and popularization of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and IOT, more and more unstructured data bring management problems to enterprises. Enterprises need to compromise between the cost and value of data. In order to activate data better, enterprises need open architecture and new management strategies to quickly integrate and analyze massive and dynamic data.

In order to help enterprises achieve such goals, Seagate has been making unremitting efforts. Based on 40 years of technological innovation and product research and development, Seagate continues to make efforts in the two dimensions of performance and capacity, and continuously improves the space and performance of hard disk through HAMR and mach. 2 technology. At the same time, Seagate has launched 100% open source software cortx, which is specially tailored for large-scale solutions and lays a solid foundation for activating deeper data value.

Cortx is an open source object storage software independent of hardware. It provides developers and partners with data storage architecture optimized for large capacity. It has a wide range of use cases, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, hybrid cloud, edge, high-performance computing and other very cutting-edge fields. The software can help enterprises to apply and popularize the super large-scale storage architecture, realize the effective, rapid and economic deployment of object storage, and open a new journey of data new vision.

Sun Dan, global vice president of Seagate technology and President of China, said, “there is endless value in data, and the success of enterprises is closely related to the mining of data value. Seagate continues to adhere to the principles of openness, sharing and cooperation, making technological breakthroughs and product innovation. Seagate continues to work closely with its industry partners to jointly launch more customized solutions that meet the needs of the market and application characteristics, so as to help enterprises in the process of digital transformation and make efforts to play the ultimate value of digital productivity. “

At this let’s rethink data Seagate technology online summit, Wei Kai, deputy director of China Institute of information and communications, analyzed the top ten key words of 2020 big data. Phil Goodwin, research director of IDC, brought the topic of “making good use of data to win the future”. In addition, 8 Chinese customers and partners of Seagate technology, including xinhuansan group, Tongyou technology, Hongshan technology, uit innovation technology, Wuzhou technology, whale shark software, Jidao technology and Paco data, will carry out deeper cooperation with Seagate on cortx open source software and open source community to jointly improve object storage solutions.

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