A few days ago, I suddenly received an email from Dr. Feiler, a senior scientist in charge of intelligent vehicle research and development of Ford Motor Company, asking about the “Notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the development plan of new generation artificial intelligence” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”) just released by the Chinese government at the end of July. Feiler said that China is moving too fast. The government has officially issued a document to plan the development of artificial intelligence. I’m afraid this is the first in the world. He very much hopes to cooperate with China in the fields of unmanned vehicles and so on.

Three days later, I received a phone call from Nelson, the leader in the field of artificial intelligence and intelligent robots, talking about the same thing. At the beginning of reform and opening up, he once visited China and sighed: in the past, he only knew the backwardness of research when he came to China. According to the current trend, if he did not go to China, he would not know the speed of research and the new idea.

This AI planning document makes some people feel “abrupt”. One of the important reasons is the document specification: GF [2017] No. 35. The national development document is a set tone document that all government agencies should read, which reflects the country’s high attention to the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent industry.

Another reason that makes some people feel “abrupt” is the “science and technology innovation 2030” plan put forward in the 13th five year national science and technology innovation plan issued last year. Among the six major science and technology projects and nine major engineering projects listed in the plan, there are no projects directly related to artificial intelligence. Why is it emphasized in the national development document one year later?

Science popularization for the whole society is an important task for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence

In fact, the current world military science and technology and industrial development show that artificial intelligence and intelligent technology are the common foundation and common technology of these 15 important science and technology projects.

One belt, one road and another, is the Internet and the financial sector. The Internet and the financial sector are also the key to the development of intelligent technology. In the past five years, the vigorous development of intelligent technology and intelligent industry in China, such as robot, machine learning and artificial intelligence, is the proof of the effectiveness of these policies and measures. In terms of current development, we must shift from “Internet +” to “artificial intelligence +” as soon as possible, otherwise many innovations will not be implemented.

It is the most important task to cultivate talents who are active in thinking and acting for intelligent technology to realize the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence. Under the current education system in China, it has become an urgent and important issue how to implant the basic education of intelligent innovation in primary and secondary schools, how to reform the existing teaching methods and discipline layout in university education for intelligent science and technology, and how to list intelligent science and technology as a first-class discipline.

Science popularization for the whole society is also an important task for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence. The so-called view that artificial intelligence threatens human beings and that intelligent technology will make human beings lose their jobs and become a “useless class” is essentially a false proposition. Today, almost all of our jobs depend on machines, but we live better. It should be believed that in the near future, more than 90% of human work will come from artificial intelligence and intelligent technology, but we are still the masters of technology.

The industrial revolution brought by machines made us “proletariat”, which is the progress of society; Artificial intelligence may make us become a “useless class”, which is the progress of society. As Xu Guangqi said 400 years ago when he translated the original of geometry, which was considered useless at that time: useless use, the basis of public use! In fact, the formation of a stable and large-scale “useless class” will be the feature and guarantee of intelligent industry and intelligent society.

When it comes to seizing the opportunity, many people like to use the word “overtaking on the curve”. However, in general, for the sake of safety, you should slow down at the corner instead of overtaking. Moreover, in a big country with a population of more than 1.3 billion, the scene of “overtaking on the curve” must be very spectacular, which is easy to make outsiders feel uneasy《 The plan breaks the habitual thinking of following others and points out the direction of “parallel straight overtaking” in intelligent technology.

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