In the era when technology is king, those who have core technology will win the world. Markets and demands are diverse, and changes in all walks of life are dynamic. With its excellent and stable display performance, the LED display screen of Shijue Guangxu has become a hot choice for enterprises when upgrading hardware. Visionox not only supports the production and construction of conventional screens, but also can customize products according to customer needs without being limited by the site, bringing customers a first-class visual experience.

This year, Viessmann Group, a world-renowned manufacturer of heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems, has renovated its headquarters, and Visionox participated in it and provided it with professional creative LED display solutions. Different from the common straight-faced screen, SJGX customized a 90° right-angle screen with a length of 7 meters and a height of 4 meters, and a right-angle screen with a length of 11 meters and a width of 0.25 meters. Used to play company promotional copy, pictures and videos. The two LED displays are assembled from the SIGHT Guangxu DB deep black series cabinets, and the corner cabinet splicing is customized to 45°, which achieves precise and seamless connection. As the new standard of “super black” in the industry, the DB deep black series uses a black mask made of special materials and cooperates with black lights to achieve high grayscale, high contrast, clearer picture quality and high color reproduction. The high refresh rate ensures the stability of the picture quality display. Outside of office or dining, when people walk through the display screen, they are always attracted by the wonderful pictures; Viesman’s cultural concept is also spread to people’s hearts in this way.


Every design has new ideas. The perfect combination of Viesman’s corporate culture and Vision LED brings more interesting, beautiful and touching influences to Visman Group headquarters, showing Visman’s brand core value, and establish a brand image with leading technology and a sense of mission and responsibility in the industry.

Looking forward to the future, Shijue Guangxu will lead the LED industry with a more open mind, and use LED as the carrier to create better corporate concepts and solutions for major brands.



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