“With the gradual development of 5g commercial application and the rapid development of big data analysis and artificial intelligence, the smart home industry and application will gradually move from home automation to real intelligence and intelligence in the future.” Schneider Electric smart home business intelligent system director Li Min said.

At the 2020 Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition, Schneider Electric showed its all-round solutions from smart home to smart Park, and brought a number of new products such as wiser IP camera, digital visual intercom, etc. This new product launch is the second expansion and upgrade of wiser wireless smart home system.

Schneider Electric introduces the latest product security solution based on aiot Technology

Intelligent transformation of traditional electric giant

As an enterprise with a history of 100 years, Schneider has encountered many challenges in the process of transforming from traditional electrical equipment to intelligent equipment.

In the face of this change, Li Min believes that from traditional mechanization to electrification, and then to digitization, the biggest obstacle lies in the increase in the uncertainty of the system. “The operation of traditional mechanical products is very stable, but for intelligent products, software function iteration and equipment upgrading will continue to be faced in the future. Therefore, in the face of this change, firstly, we should ensure the realization of basic electrical functions from the hardware; secondly, we need to add a lot of tests in the later functional iteration to form a stable and systematic platform to ensure the reliability of products and systems

In the domestic smart home market, the major traditional home appliance giants compete with Internet enterprises to seize the market. Facing this competitive pattern, Li Min thinks that it is up to the developers to make the market bigger. “Schneider Electric has its original advantages in this respect. Now, our whole product strategy can be from product design, R & D and production, scheme deepening, to final implementation. It can form a strong joint force with the leading developers and b-end integrators in the industry. “

Under the epidemic situation, the new needs of consumers

Twenty years ago, Bill Gates’ smart home made the concept of smart home known to the public. Through the Internet era, mobile Internet era to the Internet of things era, smart home also presents different forms in each stage. This year, a sudden epidemic has accelerated the change of smart home industry.

“After experiencing the epidemic, personal consumers have changed their understanding of the whole intelligent system and put forward higher requirements for the improvement of their personal quality of life. Originally, they paid more attention to the personal home environment, but now they also pay attention to the intelligent communication with their communities. ” Li Min said.

5g + aiot fully enabling smart home

Thanks to 5g and aiot fully enabling smart home, the ecological pattern of the industry is also undergoing great changes. Voice interaction, face recognition and other technologies are beginning to mature and applied in smart home, laying the foundation for building a more interconnected whole house smart home scheme and realizing real intelligent services.

Li Min, head of smart home system of Schneider Electric smart home division, is optimistic about the impact of 5g + AI on smart home. “In the future, through 5g communication mode, more big data fusion and AI learning, smart home will certainly be promoted. With the increase in the amount of data used in intelligent products, the use of various indoor sensors, the analysis of user behavior, and the intervention of artificial intelligence, including the study of the usage habits and energy consumption of household electrical equipment, the linkage scenario that can be generated in the future is immeasurable with social benefits. “

Digital visual intercom is the latest product of Schneider Electric based on aiot technology. It is composed of indoor unit, outdoor unit and software. It is a security solution for home and community. It is more digital, safer and more intelligent. It supports cloud intercom service, and can realize the functions of calling elevator, call management center, smart home linkage, etc. At the same time, the integration of face recognition can expand the application of smart home scene linkage, and realize the interconnection of the whole community scene through linkage, providing reliable security assistance for the construction of “family + community” full scene intelligent life.

In fact, smart home has gradually penetrated into our life in the form of intelligent single product. In this competition based on IOT technology, terminal services and intelligent hardware, manufacturers should not only have innovative technological changes, but also need to have an open ecology. It is the only way for smart home products to move towards mature ecology It’s the future.

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