1、 Application and test items

1. Temperature and humidity the growth of crops is closely related to temperature and humidity. In the control parameters of plastic greenhouse, the detection and control of temperature and humidity is one of the main parameters.

2. Poultry breeding places will produce a lot of feces, and then produce the corresponding NH3, H2S and other gases, which affect the healthy growth of poultry. It is necessary to detect the corresponding gases to ensure the breeding environment, and aquaculture needs real-time detection of who knows dissolved oxygen to ensure sufficient oxygen.

3. Carbon dioxide: the growth and development of crops are inseparable from photosynthesis, which is related to carbon dioxide, so controlling the concentration of carbon dioxide is conducive to the growth and development of crops.

4. Soil dryness. Crop growth needs water. In protected agriculture, it is very important for irrigation not to affect crop growth and waste water resources. The detection of soil dryness requires a dryness sensor. At present, the widely used dryness sensor is composed of negative pressure sensor and ceramic filter tube.

5. Carbon dioxide detection in fruits and vegetables transportation and hoarding.

2、 At present, the main methods of gas detection in modern agriculture are as follows

1. Detection of carbon dioxide, ammonia and other gases

Carbon dioxide detection mainly uses MEMS flow sensor and OMRON infrared non-contact temperature measurement. At present, domestic products occupy the mainstream market, mainly measuring 0-5000ppm;

2. The electrochemical sensor is used to detect other gases such as ammonia, mainly measuring low concentration of 0-100ppm;

3. Dissolved oxygen sensor is mainly used in aquaculture;

4. Temperature and humidity detection mainly adopts humidity sensor and temperature and humidity module, which can real-time monitor agricultural greenhouses and farms to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of modern agriculture.


1. Omron d6f-p0010a1 MEMS

Flow sensor small, high precision, excellent environmental performance of the flow sensor.

The application of cyclone improves the dust resistance.

The connector type with node joint, the wire terminal type that can be directly installed to the substrate, and the connector with retest joint are available.

High accuracy of ± 5% FS.

Scheme of MEMS sensor for smart agriculture

2. Omron d6t-44l-06 MEMS non-contact temperature sensor

Using the MEMS technology designed by Omron, the thermopile components and ASIC are packaged together to achieve ultra miniaturization.

Let you reduce the management cost, realize remote monitoring, alarm when there is an exception, improve the management efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

Easy connection: according to the digital output of data, the microcomputer control can be easily realized.

Subminiature: helps to save space.

High precision: the precision can be as high as + – 0.2;

Scheme of MEMS sensor for smart agriculture

With the development of science and technology, we have not only introduced the Internet of things technology in agricultural greenhouse production, but also realized efficient detection in gas spectrum analyzer, oxygen analyzer, industrial equipment temperature measurement, etc www.dingyue-ele.com With Omron to provide solutions will help you easily transform!

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