When the power supply of the motor is disconnected, the stator winding is immediately connected to the DC power supply, so a magnetic field is generated in the stator winding, and the rotor cuts the magnetic field to produce a torque opposite to the original steering and produce braking effect.

The energy consumption braking control circuit is a control circuit with full wave bridge rectifier energy consumption braking for one-way operation of the motor. When the motor is running, press the stop button SB1, the coil of contactor KM1 loses power, and the motor is disconnected from the power supply. At the same time, contactor km2 is energized and closed, its normally open contact is closed, the bridge rectifier circuit is connected to the stator winding, flows from phase a to phase C, and generates a reverse braking torque to stop the motor. When the motor speed is close to zero, the delay of time relay KT will open, and the normally closed contact will delay action, so that the coils of km2 and KT will lose power and the braking will end.

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