Digital radio chip si4730

Si4730 introduction

Si4730 / 31 is a highly integrated AM / FM radio chip launched by silicon labs. The schematic diagram is shown in the figure.


Si4731 has RDS / RBDS function and digital audio interface. Without the antenna, the si4730 / 31 and its peripheral circuits only need 15 mm2. Its functions are very rich, including automatic station search, automatic calibration, digital tuning, adaptive noise suppression ability and so on. These characteristics are very suitable for portable devices. Since RDS / RBDS function is not required, si4730 chip is selected here.

2.2 control interface of si4730

The peripheral circuit of si4730 is very simple, as shown in the figure. Si4730 provides three control modes: 2-wire mode (compatible with I2C bus), SPI mode and 3-wire mode. The chip determines which method to adopt through the pin states of gp01 and gp02 at the rising edge of RST pin. When gp01 and gp02 are suspended, si4730 is in 2-wire mode. When Sen pin is connected to high level, the device address is 0xc6h; When connected to low level, the address is 0x22h.


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