Recently, Sanya airport successfully completed the energy-saving renovation project of high pole lights in the airport apron, with an actual energy-saving rate of more than 55%, according to China civil aviation network.

It is reported that there are 487 sets of high pole lights in Sanya airport, all of which are traditional 1000 high pressure sodium lamps. In order to effectively reduce energy consumption, Sanya airport will comprehensively start the energy-saving renovation project of high pressure sodium lamps in 2019, replacing the traditional high pressure sodium lamps with new type of fled energy-saving lamps with good energy-saving effect and excellent lighting parameters, which can make the field of vision wider and better visual sensory effect.

The lamp reconstruction project will be constructed in two stages. The first stage has been completed on June 14, 2019. After the inspection and trial operation meet the requirements of the standard, the second stage will be started on November 20, and the comprehensive reconstruction will be completed on December 25. After the actual installation test, it is estimated that 1.36 million kwh of electricity can be saved each year and 1.2 million yuan of electricity cost can be saved.

In addition, according to the report of civil aviation network in November, Bayannur airport in Inner Mongolia concentrated on energy-saving transformation of the light source in the VIP area of the terminal building, replacing the traditional light source with LED energy-saving light source, and replacing 100 energy-saving LED light sources in total.

Sanya airport successfully completed the energy saving renovation project of high pole lights in the airport apron, which is expected to save 1.36 million kwh of electricity every year

The light-emitting mode of LED light source does not depend on the heating of filament, and the energy conversion efficiency is high. In theory, it can achieve 50% energy-saving effect of incandescent lamp, and the service life is 100 times of incandescent lamp. It has many advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and long life. The output power of the replaced LED bulb is 5W, which is equivalent to the original 14W ordinary energy-saving incandescent bulb in terms of luminous brightness. After replacing the energy-saving light source, the monthly energy saving is about 111.6kwh.

Next, Bayannur airport will actively promote the scope of application of new energy-saving light sources, select energy-saving light sources in the light source layout of new apron, reduce energy consumption in the subsequent use process, and continue to promote the construction of green airport.

It is reported that in 2019, in addition to Sanya airport and Bayannur airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Xilinhot airport, Jilin airport, Shenzhen airport, Haikou airport and other airports have implemented energy-saving lighting renovation projects to build a green airport.

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