Today’s young people are more advocating individuality. They are not bound by customs and express themselves in various ways. At the same time, they have different opinions on products and their own unique pursuit of lifestyle. Samsung’s The Freestyle smart projector has widely adopted suggestions from millennials and Gen Z from the beginning of product planning, which is the secret of The Freestyle’s popularity among the younger generation. As an all-in-one projector, smart speaker, and ambient lighting, it’s a hit in markets around the world, including North America, Latin America, and South Korea. It is reported that Samsung The Freestyle will also be launched in China soon, you can look forward to it!

“Light” packs to break the field restrictions of space

Nowadays, it has become a new way of life to transcend the limitations of time and space and work freely anytime, anywhere. At the same time, outdoor leisure activities such as camping are becoming more common. At the beginning of the design of Samsung’s The Freestyle smart projector, designer Chulyong Cho took into account the convenience of product carrying, and implemented the concept of “nomadic workers” into the product, which is convenient for users to carry anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the best experience any way you want. The Freestyle has a cylindrical shape and weighs just over 800 grams, the size of a normal drinking glass. Users can even carry it around in their tote bag. In addition, The Freestyle comes with a stand that can be rotated 180 degrees, without the need for a separate projection screen, users can watch their favorite shows and movies on a table, wall, ceiling or even a camping tent, flexibly achieve high-quality projection and break space boundaries.

Wonderful moment, enjoy audio and video content anytime, anywhere

Samsung’s The Freestyle smart projector has a built-in smart system, which can watch content on mainstream video platforms and support mobile phone screen projection. Dami Baik, who works on the launch and marketing of The freestyle product, said in an interview: “My children love to put The Freestyle on the bedside table and watch the content projected on the ceiling in bed together.” With HD picture quality and fully automatic keystone, auto-leveling and auto-focus, The Freestyle can deliver crystal-clear images up to 100 inches. At the same time, Seungyeong Ian Jeong, who is in charge of product planning, also mentioned that “when considering the sound specifications of the equipment, we referred to the suggestions made by young colleagues to ensure that the sound quality of the equipment was not affected”. That’s why The Freestyle comes with premium 360-degree speakers and a 5-watt woofer, allowing users to enjoy 360-degree surround sound wherever they are.

Create an atmosphere to relax in the world of light and shadow

In the early stage of product planning, the core of The Freestyle Smart Projector is to watch content through projection. However, colleagues from Samsung millennials provided their own feedback: they would be very happy and excited if The Freestyle could project an image of their choice even when they were not watching content, creating a unique sense of ambience . This feedback inspired the development of The Freestyle Ambient Lighting mode. When not used as a projector, The Freestyle can be used as a lighting mood light with the help of a translucent filter shade and ambient light mode.

Like young people who like personalization, desire new things, and pursue freedom and self, Samsung has never stopped following the pace of freedom and innovation. The birth of The Freestyle is the best proof of Samsung’s attitude. “The Freestyle is the first portable projector product developed by Samsung, so we didn’t have a clear reference point during the product development process,” explains Jenny Jung, who is in charge of user experience design. “For us, starting from zero It’s not easy to start planning product features and designing product experiences.” Whenever the team has doubts about the direction of the product, we seek feedback from young employees, which greatly helps in product development. “Samsung The Freestyle respects the preferences of today’s young people and integrates their preferences into product planning and design. As such a powerful device, Samsung The Freestyle Smart Projector is about to open its doors in China. Journey interprets the definition of individuality, freedom and self for more users.

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang

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