NAND flash memory giant Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the industry’s first consumer grade QLC SSD, SATA interface, with a maximum capacity of 4tb, the fourth generation v-nand, 64 layer 3D stacking, and a single chip capacity of 1TB (128GB).

At the technical conference last month, Samsung publicly announced QLC SSD for the first time, including 860 qvo (2.5-inch SATA) and 980 qvo (m.2 nvme). According to Samsung, qvo represents “quality and value optimized”, that is, high quality and low price. Of course, it also corresponds to QLC flash memory.

Now, some e-commerce companies in France and Italy have put Samsung 860 qvo on the shelves in advance, and given clear specifications and prices. It is expected to be released and sold in December. 860 qvo is a standard 2.5-inch SATA hard disk with a capacity of at least 1TB, 2TB and 4tb. The large storage density of QLC is finally reflected, and the performance is the standard level: continuous reading and writing up to 550mb / s and 520mb / s, random reading and writing up to 96000 IOPs and 89000 IOPs.

In terms of price, the pre-sale price excluding tax given by European e-commerce is 117.50, 225.96 and 451.93 euros, plus 19% tax, it is almost 140, 270 and 540 euros (¥ 1105, 2130 and 4265), which is far lower than 160, 380 and 850 euros of the same capacity of 860 Evo series. In China, 860 Evo SATA 1 / 2 / 4tb is sold for 1299 / 2199 / 5799 yuan respectively, and 860 Pro SATA 1 / 2TB is sold for 1999 / 4199 yuan respectively. Look at this. The era of low-cost and high-capacity SSD is about to open. QLC can. What about mechanical hard disk?


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