Samsung electromechanical announced on March 1 that it has developed a 10x Optical Zoom folding camera module and provided it to global smart phone companies. This is the first time that Samsung has implemented a 10 fold optical zoom in a smartphone camera.

Samsung's first private folding optical 10x zoom on mobile camera

Optical zoom is a function that enables the camera to turn off the remote object without losing the resolution quality, and when the distance between the focus or image sensor and the lens is large, it can achieve higher optical zoom.

In 2019, Samsung Electronic machinery company developed a folding camera module. The camera module refracts light in the form of periscope to ensure focus, and successfully realizes 5 times optical zoom without camera module extending out.

Even when the folding method is adopted, when the optical zoom magnification is increased, the length of the camera module will increase, resulting in the inefficient use of space in the smartphone. In order to solve this problem, Samsung mechatronics has developed a double fold camera module, which can double the focal length by refracting light twice, while only increasing the length of the camera module by 25%.

A few days ago, Samsung also released a new image sensor isocellgn2, which is 1 / 1.12 inch, 50mp, 1.4 μ m large pixel size, four pixels combined with analog 2.8 μ M pixels, supports 480fps Full HD video or 120fps4k video, and is expected to be used in flagship smartphones this year.

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