Apple (Apple) launched Face ID to stir up the biometric technology. As the biggest competitor in the mobile device market, Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronic) is also working hard on biometric technology. After face, iris and palm print recognition , Samsung applied for arterial blood flow pattern recognition technology.

According to reports, Samsung uses each person's unique arterial blood flow pattern for identification purposes. The detection location can be on the fingers and wrists, so it may be used for identification purposes on smartphones or wearable devices.

According to the photos published on the website, the detection method of arterial blood flow is similar to the current fingerprint recognition round hole on the back of the mobile phone and the heart rate detection light source opening on the back of the wearable device. However, whether this technology is a demonstration of Samsung's biometric technology or a possible technical solution for future products is not detailed on the website.

In addition to the external representation of the human body, subcutaneous or biological activity signals such as blood pressure, heartbeat, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, body temperature, etc. are mostly used as personal fitness medical records. Samsung's unique arterial blood flow pattern technology may be feasible and market acceptance. There is still room for discussion, but it also shows the rich diversity of biometrics.

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