Now Samsung has no competitors in small and medium-sized OLEDs, no matter in terms of production capacity or innovation ability.

Even so, Samsung is actively laying out a new generation of screens, because the defects of OLED itself are still very obvious. According to South Korean media reports, Samsung is about to release a new micro LED screen, which will be equipped with a 146 inch TV.

Samsung launched its first microled TV, the wall, two years ago, with a huge 146 inch screen. The company then launched the wall in various sizes: 75 inches, 88 inches, 93 inches, 110 inches and 150 inches.

According to the news that the micro OLED technology is still improving, especially the black LED technology is not enough.

In fact, apple is also accelerating the commercialization of microled screens, and Samsung’s next focus is to make microled screens smaller and put them on mobile devices.
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