On June 15, 2018, on the way to smart wear, it is obvious that Apple watch has dominated the whole smart watch market. It seems that the performance of Android smart watch is not very ideal. Is Samsung really going to admit defeat? However, according to the latest news, Samsung still has a special preference for the development of smart wear. It is expected that Samsung will launch a new gear S4 smart watch in the second half of this year.

According to sammobile, Samsung has started to develop gear S4 smart watch, and its LTE version has been tested in the United States. At the same time, sammobile also pointed out that Samsung’s new watch gear S4 will provide two versions and three color versions of silver, gold and black, and the new gold color is expected to exist in only one version.

New color! Support LTE! In fact, for a long time, people’s attention to Samsung smart watch has never stopped. Even some rumors in the market will be interpreted by the industry, and then guess what surprises will Samsung’s new smart watch gear S4 bring us?

Compared with apple watch, some of them are too low-key and even comfortable to wear in the smart field. There is no reason to fight life and death in the field of mobile phones. Instead, Samsung is content with the status quo in the field of smart wear. Is Samsung really willing?

Of course, what new changes will Samsung gear # S4 smart watch have? Obviously, it’s not easy to draw a conclusion at present. Let’s leave it to time to give the answer slowly!

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