With the continuous updating and iteration of smart phones, the mobile phone market price continues to rise, and the brand competitiveness is improving day by day. The smart TV market is on the contrary. There are always price butchers who pull down the smart TV price, making the market price “not the lowest, but lower”.

Due to homogeneous competition, smart TV is locked in a low-cost cage. TV manufacturers try to use new technologies, new concepts and new designs to improve the level of smart TV and raise the level of smart TV. However, the vast majority of products still stay at the level of industrial products. Only Samsung serif TV breaks through the shackles of traditional thinking, promotes smart TV to the height of art, and makes 55 inch 4K smart TV counter attack for the first time and re-enter the ranks of high-end TV market.

Get rid of low price competition

China’s TV market is very depressed. It has declined for four consecutive quarters since the fourth quarter of 2018. In order to grab share in the stock market, TV manufacturers fell into endless price competition, which led to the continuous decline of TV prices and losses in the whole industry.

In order to reduce losses, TV manufacturers have to control production costs by reducing specifications. Luffy Lin, chief analyst of smart display, revealed that the TV industry is in a cold winter, and TV manufacturers have used various ways to reduce production costs, such as increasing the proportion of direct LED backlight TV, equipped with b-gauge screen, FHD screen, fake 4K screen, using cheaper materials, etc.

At the same time, TV manufacturers are also trying to enter the medium and high-end TV market through size upgrading and technological innovation, so as to obtain greater profit space. The medium and high-end TV market is in full bloom. Smart screen, Ai TV, 8K TV, stacked screen TV, dual screen TV and qled TV emerge one after another.

The emergence of Samsung serif TV has brought a spring breeze to the high-end TV market. It is understood that Samsung serif TV is in short supply, and even second-hand goods have become popular. At present, the price of 43 inch second-hand serif TV on idle fish has even been fried to twice the original price. Why is the high price Samsung serif TV so popular?

Aiot technology included

Samsung serif TV is an aiot display terminal with great scientific and technological connotation.

In the aiot era, TV not only needs high-quality picture quality and sound, but also needs strong connectivity and AI big data learning function. Samsung serif TV has met the requirements for display devices in the aiot era and has a certain technical foresight.

It is understood that Samsung serif TV is equipped with Samsung quantum dot 4K processor, which can use the industry’s advanced AI big data machine learning function to calculate the best image quality formula by analyzing more than 8 million image data, and carry out AI intelligent optimization for picture and sound at the same time.

Samsung serif TV has a built-in original Bixby voice assistant, which supports the recognition of 16 dialects, realizes the voice dialogue between users and TV, and gets rid of the single restriction of traditional key operation. At the same time, Bixby voice assistant has voice recognition and machine learning functions, which can learn users’ preferences and make personalized content recommendation.

Samsung serif TV also has strong connectivity. The NFC function of Samsung serif TV makes the connection easier. As long as the smartphone gently touches the TV, it can realize Bluetooth connection and facilitate interaction with the smartphone. When a Bluetooth connected smartphone plays music, the Samsung serif TV, whose speaker output power is twice that of a conventional qled TV, will become a high-quality speaker and output more beautiful music. In addition, Samsung serif TV can be interconnected with a variety of intelligent devices such as refrigerator, washing machine, air purifier and floor sweeping robot at home to realize content sharing and intelligent control.

Explicit life aesthetics

Generally speaking, highlighting the value of TV advanced technology is the mission of most TV manufacturers to design products, but artists have different understanding of TV design. “One of the challenges we face is to make design, not technology, dominant.” Elvin? When Brooke reviewed the design process, he said, “the key value of serif TV is that it can naturally integrate into any environment and any space.” Samsung serif TV doesn’t look like a cold TV, but more like a work of art full of life aesthetics and flavor.

Samsung serif TV not only has high-quality image quality, but also full of family design aesthetics. It can be seamlessly integrated into the home environment to highlight the home style and life taste.

It is reported that Samsung serif TV adopts 4K qled screen and hdr10 + technology to improve its image quality to a new height. It can realistically restore the wonderful pictures in the scene, from the dazzling sunshine to the coming of darkness. The details are lifelike and provide a more real artistic experience.

Especially in the environment screen mode, the Samsung serif TV display screen is more natural. When the screen is idle, the Samsung serif TV will automatically switch to the environment screen mode, play exquisite images based on the unique Brooke palette function, and display works cooperated with famous artists such as Tali Lennox and Scholten & Baijing, so as to integrate the Samsung serif TV into the home environment and become an indispensable part of the living art space.

At present, smart TV follows the trend of smart phones and opens the design of thin and narrow borders, which makes it particularly abrupt in the home environment. Design master Ronan? Brooke and Elvin? Brooke discovered this with his keen sense of art and gave an unexpected design style. They not only added borders to serif TV, but also made it look like a TV. It is reported that Brooke brothers started with the fuselage side design ignored by ordinary designers, integrated the capital letter “I” in serif font into the side design, gave serif TV a unique aesthetic temperament, integrated it into any style of home environment, and made it more like a decorative furniture.

The ingenious design of Samsung serif TV is also reflected in cable management. Brooke brothers hide the messy cables in their feet through the 360 degree surround design, making the Samsung serif TV look very simple. Due to the prominent design at the upper and lower ends, people don’t have to stick it close to the wall. They can put it on the desktop at will, or install slender supports, because it will become one of the most beautiful decorations in home life.

In the downturn of the TV market, Samsung serif TV abandoned excessive technology packaging and brought an unprecedented new trend of life art to the industry by means of design, so as to integrate the TV into the home environment, return to the family and open a new side of the TV.

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