Samsung has been using iris recognition since note 7, but this function has been cancelled on S10 and replaced with traditional 2D face recognition. 2D face recognition has also been criticized by users because of its low accuracy and low security.

Jane Manchun Wong, who is famous for exploring the experimental features of social networks, found that his brother’s Galaxy S10 facial unlocking function could not distinguish between sexes. She easily unlocked her brother’s mobile phone. His brother said he was scared and turned off face recognition on his mobile phone.

Foreign media also tested the facial recognition of Samsung S10. Smartworld, the Italian technology media, unlocked the Samsung S10 + with one photo. The foreign digital evaluation channel unbox therapy even uses YouTube video to unlock the face.

In this way, the face recognition security of Samsung S10 is not very high. It is suggested that users using this mobile phone should set fingerprint recognition as the main unlocking method. After all, it is embarrassing for my sister to unlock my brother’s mobile phone.

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