On December 13, the “11th China high end appliance trend release and red top award awarding ceremony” guided by China Household Appliance Association and hosted by the red top award organizing committee was held in Beijing to share and deeply analyze the performance of the domestic high end appliance market in the past year. At the same time, the annual award of China high end appliance – red top award was announced and awarded. Among them, Samsung qled 8K TV q900r stands out from many products and becomes the only award-winning product in the TV category.

It is understood that a total of 37 categories and more than 200 products have been declared for this red top award. Not only the number of participating brands and products has reached new highs, but also the categories have continuously followed up the market changes to adjust and expand, and the attention of consumers has also increased year by year. The voting volume of consumers for the new red top award has reached 1.65 million, and the influence of the award has expanded year by year.

The expert on red top awards is composed of experts from different fields including China household electrical appliances association, Ministry of electronics, Standards Research Institute, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Orville cloud network, and China Yikang. From the 5 dimensions of advanced technology, appearance design, energy saving, environmental protection, market influence and experience, the final finalists are evaluated comprehensively by experts. In the fierce competition in consumer voting and other links, Samsung qled 8K TV and q900r TV won the crown and became the biggest winner of the year.

LV Shenghua, head of the Organizing Committee of the red top award, said: In the past 10 years, the red top awards have witnessed and accompanied the growth of China’s high-end household appliances. The red top awards have also grown from a green hand explorer to a growing guardian. The red top prize is aimed at finding the best high-end appliances in the year, selecting fine China from massive information, promoting the upgrading of household appliances, and providing consumers with valuable list reference.

Harvest domestic and foreign awards and praise, and Samsung qled 8K TV interprets the annual high-end good home appliances

Looking at the changes of China’s high-end home appliance market over the past few years, foreign brands have always occupied a leading position in the domestic high-end home appliance market with strong scientific and technological strength and all-round shaping of high-end image.

Since its inception, Samsung qled 8K TV has inherited the technical gene of Samsung TV. After sweeping a number of innovation awards of CES 2019 at the beginning of the year, Samsung qled 8K TV has won the “EPLAN Gold Award” known as the “Oscar for Chinese household appliances” again. At IFA 2019, Samsung TV launched a new 55 inch version again and won ifa2019 “best TV Award”. Samsung qled 8K TV has realized the full-size coverage layout from 55-98 inches, vigorously promoted the popularity of 8K TV and brought immersive visual effect experience to consumers.

Compared with other 4K TVs competing for the red top award, qled 8K TVs have more delicate image quality, with a resolution of 7680 * 4320 and 33 million pixels, four times that of 4K TVs. Samsung qled 8K TV not only displays clear and delicate picture quality, but also adopts hdr10 + technology developed by Samsung. With its dynamic tone mapping and enhanced inherent dynamic range, it brings a real immersive viewing experience. Pocket lint, an authoritative British consumer technology website, said that “Samsung qled 8K TV q900r is the best HDR TV on the market”.

Pocket lint, a British authoritative website, said that “Samsung qled 8K TV q900r is the best HDR TV on the market.”

Forbes magazine praised the quantum dot 8K processor carried by Samsung qled 8K TV, “the processing engine of Samsung qled 8K TV can make the content with resolution lower than 8K look better than any 4K TV”. Samsung qled 8K TV adopts 8K artificial intelligence enhancement technology to intelligently reconstruct image texture, edge definition and detail level through machine learning, so as to upgrade low-resolution content to 8K image quality.

Thanks to the excellent picture quality and full-size layout, the sales volume of Samsung qled 8K TV in China has accounted for more than 90% of the overall sales volume of 8K TV, and the sales volume of Samsung qled 8K TV will also exceed 10000 units by the end of the year. At the same time, based on the good performance of 8K market, IHS Markit also predicts that the global 8K TV market will break through to nearly 2 million units in 2020.

5g spawned 8K multi scene applications, and Samsung qled 8K TV set off a future visual revolution

With the launch of 5g commercial package in early November, 5g officially landed, and the development of ultra-high definition video industry in 5g era is stepping into the fast lane. Not long ago, China Central Radio and television announced its determination to open 8K HD experimental channel on the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. 5g + 8K will become one of the important choices for film and television content production and broadcasting, and promote the accelerated development of 8K UHD video industry.

Driven by 5g, 8K TV will go out of the living room. Many fields such as 8K audio-visual entertainment, 8K industrial application, 8K financial media platform and 8K intelligent medical care are deeply affecting consumers’ lives. As one of the few brands with complete 5g solutions and 8K display products, Samsung has taken the lead in practicing 5g + 8K cross industry applications.

In the broadcasting of sports events, 8K TV has unique advantages in high frame number. Samsung qled 8K TV used 8K technology to truly restore the track scene at the competition site of SCC super running club, so as to bring super running enthusiasts an immersive experience like on the field. In the field of smart medicine, Samsung qled 8K TV entered the 5g ultrasound joint innovation laboratory jointly established by Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, the Institute of ultrasound medicine of Medical College of Tongji University and Shanghai Mobile. Qled 8K TV makes the ultrasonic diagnosis picture clearer and brighter, and brings more powerful guarantee for the daily work of the majority of medical workers.

In the trend of consumption upgrading, people pay more and more attention to the quality life of the family and hope to enjoy high-quality and high value-added products and services. Samsung qled 8K TV won the “red top award”, which verifies consumers’ pursuit of high-end quality life. In 2020, 8K TV will be widely popularized in, and Samsung TV will continue to promote the development of 5g + 8K UHD industry, bringing consumers a healthy, comfortable and closer to the real world visual experience.

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