On September 16, according to foreign media reports, Samsung display, a panel manufacturer of Samsung Electronics, announced the launch of the world’s most curved OLED folding screen with a curvature of 1.4r, which is the smallest of the current commercial folding screens.

Samsung pushes the world's most curved OLED folding screen, which has the smallest curvature among the current commercial folding screens

For the folding screen, the smaller the curvature, the larger the bending range. This means that this folding screen of SamSung monitor is the most curved folding screen on the market.

In addition, the smaller the curvature is, the greater the stress will be, so the screen folded inward will face greater stress than the screen folded outward. In order to minimize the folding stress, Samsung display has optimized a series of technologies related to the display material, panel design, module assembly, etc., so that the multi-layer structure can play a buffer role when the panel is folded.

It is reported that this folding screen is the company’s third OLED folding screen. The screen size is 7.6 inches, the resolution is 2208×1768 pixels, and ultra-thin glass (UTG) is used as the protective layer of the folding screen.

Samsung display said it was the first company in the industry to commercialize a foldable display panel with a curvature of 1.4r. An executive of the company said that the world’s first 1.4roled folding screen developed by the company will bring greater value to consumers because of its near perfect folding and excellent image quality.

According to foreign media, Samsung display’s 1.4roled folding screen has passed 200000 times of panel folding certification by Bureau Veritas, a global testing and certification company, to verify the material strength and durability of the foldable OLED panel. This means that the folding screen can be used without problems for more than five years.

It is reported that Samsung Galaxy Z fold25g has adopted this panel, which makes it the first commercial device to use this innovative technology.

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