Samsung’s first product, Galaxy watch, which tried to integrate its mobile phone and wearable device brands for the first time, made its debut in the United States at the end of 2018. Now it can be purchased for less than $300, and has received many major updates. Over time, it will become better, including the arrival of one UI.

Samsung oneui update adds outdoor swimming tracking function, which can disable the terrible alarm of automatic synchronization with the mobile phone to avoid being frightened

Through the galaxy S10 series, Samsung will add Galaxy watch active and Galaxy buses to the unified brand promotion activities. It is expected that active 2 and note 10 will be launched together as the second generation. The first Galaxy branded smart watch, equipped with exynos 9110 processor and supporting LTE connection, is still a very powerful device.

After a large number of new functions have been added to the big one UI update of the watch, Samsung has now released a small firmware update with version number r810xxu1csg4 and size of 15.36mb, which has brought good news to people who use it for swimming tracking.

One UI update has added outdoor swimming tracking function, but the new function is now improving the function, improving the stability and enhancing the function. In addition, after the update, the terrible alarm of automatic synchronization with the mobile phone can be disabled to avoid users from being frightened.

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