Now the major mobile phone manufacturers are studying the technology of off screen camera, Samsung launched the off screen camera notebook.

Today, Samsung showed a promotional video on its official microblog, showing its first Samsung OLED notebook with a screen down camera.

Samsung OLED laptop screen accounts for 93%

According to the content of the promo, the product shows the Samsung bradebezel technology trademark. It benefits from under screen camera technology (UPC) and has transparent camera holes.

The ultra-thin screen frame also brings Samsung OLED notebook up to 93% of the screen, 85% of the screen is far better than the traditional notebook.

In addition, the screen is not only narrower, but also thinner than ever. The thickness of the screen is only 1 mm, which is only half the thickness of the traditional display screen. The screen weighs 130g, which is only 70% of the traditional 180g.

It is reported that in October last year, KIPO (South Korea Intellectual Property Office) approved the new patent “blade bezel” exhibited by Samsung.

According to the description of this patent, the screen edge of mobile phone is also called border. In recent years, the edge area of mobile phone screen is getting smaller and smaller, and its advantages are greatly reduced. Based on this situation, Samsung seems to want to introduce a new form of framework, namely “blade bezel”.

Now it seems that this patent applies not only to mobile phone screens, but also to laptop screens. Samsung will hold a new product launch tonight. I don’t know if this notebook will be released.

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