Samsung Electronics held the launch conference of new products of Samsung Galaxy S10 Series in China in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. At the conference, in addition to Galaxy S10 series, Samsung also officially released the smart watch Samsung Galaxy watch active and wireless headset Samsung Galaxy buses. Samsung smart wearable devices help users improve their healthy quality of life in a more convenient, trendy and interesting way, with the goal of meeting users’ needs. Whether looking for a balance between work and life, or exploring more possibilities in life, Samsung smart wearable devices can add another wonderful to users’ lives.

Samsung officially released the smart watch, Samsung Galaxy watch active and wireless headset


Samsung Galaxy watch active: a fusion of fashion and sports

Samsung Galaxy watch active combines extraordinary beauty and powerful performance. It is designed for those fashionable people who pursue a healthy life. Samsung Galaxy watch active has powerful functions comparable to Samsung Galaxy watch. It adopts a lightweight new sports design, which is not only simple in appearance, but also easier to operate. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy watch active also has a variety of fashion dials and multicolor Sports Strap options, making personalized style and healthy life readily available.

Daily health management is not only to track the status of fitness activities, but also to present important health indicators for users in a systematic way. With multiple functions such as exercise, sleep and health tracking, Samsung Galaxy watch active is transformed into a private health housekeeper to help users maintain physical and mental health. Samsung Galaxy watch active follows the outstanding performance of Samsung smart wearable devices and further improves the fitness and health functions.

Daily heart rate: stress can be easily managed through the stress tracker function on Samsung Galaxy watch active. Monitor your heart rate in real time, record your stress level, and guide you to maintain your health for a long time. Users can also maintain their heart rate through breathing exercises and return to a quiet state of mind. Easy fitness tracking: with Samsung Galaxy watch active, fitness exercise becomes easy. It can detect walking, running, cycling, elliptical machine, paddle machine, dynamic movement and record data. In addition to these six, you can also manually select more than 40 different training modes.

Samsung Galaxy watch active seamlessly integrates with the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem to enrich life and improve the Internet experience. Samsung Galaxy watch active supports Android and IOS systems and can provide real-time guidance to track indoor / outdoor activities.

Samsung Galaxy buses: a wonderful companion of “walking with your ears”

Samsung Galaxy buses wireless headset brings users a smooth and seamless internet experience. With the advantages of comfortable wearing, easy operation, exquisite sound effect, exquisite design and small size, Samsung Galaxy buses will become a close life partner for users.

Samsung Galaxy buses joins hands with AKG to bring a natural listening experience. Ambient sound (enhanced ambient sound) can clearly grasp the ambient sound even when wearing the Samsung Galaxy bus to answer the phone or listen to your favorite music. Samsung Galaxy buses also have advanced sound transmission functions. Each earplug is equipped with an internal and external microphone. Adaptive dual microphone ensures that you can always make a clear sound in a noisy or quiet environment.

Samsung Galaxy buses supports up to 6 hours of Bluetooth streaming media life and 5 hours of call time, which can accompany you for a long time. In addition, the supporting charging box has small size and sufficient power, which can ensure up to 7 hours of service time. Only 15 minutes of accelerated charging can provide 100 minutes of battery life * for Samsung Galaxy buses. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy buses support wireless charging function, and can even supplement power for Samsung Galaxy buses in one direction through the wireless shared charging function supported by the new Samsung smartphone Galaxy S10 series.

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