Although the revelations from all sides are very clear, when Samsung announced the galaxy S20 in person, it was quite exciting.

It turned out that Samsung’s official website accidentally put on the shelf the LED protective case of Galaxy S20 (which had been urgently removed at the deadline).

Official renderings confirm that the S20 series has a central aperture camera screen on the front, a matrix module on the back, and three cameras inside.

Samsung officially announced that the galaxy S20 is equipped with a 100 megapixel main camera

According to the previous news, the S20 corresponds to last year’s s10e, which is the most entry-level style in the series. In addition, Samsung has also prepared S20 plus and S20 Ultra.

According to the latest report of South Korean media, the S20 series will be ordered on February 14 and put on sale on March 6. The starting price of S20 is 1.25 million won (about 7364 yuan), S20 plus is 1.35 million won (about 7953 yuan), S20 ultra is 1.6 million won (about 9426 yuan), and Galaxy Z flip with snapdragon 855 is 1.6 million won.

Obviously, S20 ultra has the highest positioning. In addition to 2K / 120Hz display, lpdrr5 memory and 5000mAh battery, it is also equipped with 100 megapixel main camera, 100x zoom periscope lens, etc.

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