Galaxy watch active2 is available in aluminum alloy version and stainless steel version. The price of stainless steel version is nearly 1000 yuan. There is a distinction between 40mm and 44mm. The stainless steel version is only available in 44mm version.

There are also many choices in color matching, among which the aluminum alloy version has three colors: Mercury black, cloud silver and rose gold; The stainless steel version is available in Earl Black, titanium air silver and sharp gold. It is equipped with a super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The 40mm version has a screen of 1.2 inches and the 44mm version has a screen of 1.4 inches. The larger display screen and narrow frame than the previous generation can bring more display space.

The user can rotate the frame of the one super virtual display screen, which can be displayed on the one super virtual display screen. It allows you to quickly and simply make UI interactive selection by touching the border and complete multiple operations, which not only increases the utilization of screen space, but also makes the overall operation experience more smooth and silky.

Samsung launched a new generation of smart watches, equipped with virtual touch bezel

In terms of configuration, the galaxy watch active 2 has a built-in speaker and microphone, supports Bluetooth 5.0 calls, and can be reminded by watch vibration or ring tone when incoming calls, so that the mobile phone will not miss incoming calls. Equipped with exynos 9110 chip, the memory is 768mb and the storage space is 4GB. It runs tizen operating system. Positioning supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo, and NPC supports mobile payment.

The heart rate monitoring function of Galaxy watch active 2 is also enhanced again. The improved optical heart rate sensor carries 8 photodiodes to make its reading faster and detection more accurate. In terms of exercise, it can track 39 different exercise methods, monitor the real-time exercise status at the same time, and have the coach function to provide you with operable suggestions and guidance. When you are nervous, the watch’s pressure tracker can also be used to monitor the pressure level and conduct guided breathing exercises for you as recommended.

In addition, there is a built-in calm application that provides guided meditation programs and sleep tracking to help your physical and mental health from the inside out. The equipped high-power long-lasting battery can accompany you all day at one time. When you get home, you can accelerate the recovery of full power by simply placing it on the magnetic wireless charger to ensure that you are full of energy every day.

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