After announcing the launch of the first microled TV for the consumer market at the end of last year, Samsung further introduced this TV product in the FirstLook activity before the launch of ces2021.

In addition to the previously mentioned 110 inch, Samsung also plans to launch 99 inch and 88 inch versions, and is expected to launch smaller versions by the end of this year, so that microled TVs can be widely used in the consumer market.

As in the past, the microled TV launched by Samsung for the consumer market can also be modular spliced into different display formats, such as horizontal 16:9 display ratio, direct 21:9 display ratio, or even 1:1 display ratio.

The single microled display module is built in the form of up to 99% display proportion, and each group can control light independently, with a total of 24 million groups of LEDs. After splicing, it corresponds to a larger display area, while maintaining a clear and delicate color rendering effect. In addition, it can also correspond to the four division form of 4vue display mode, or connect multiple content input devices at the same time.

The sound part can be displayed through majestic sound system sound field technology, corresponding to 5.1 channel output on the screen itself, and the objecttracking sound Pro Technology, which supports the sound to follow the image object to present the real sound field.

According to Samsung’s instructions, the current microled panel has a service life of about 10 years. At the same time, because of its modular design, compared with traditional TV display panel, it is easier to form a large-size screen by splicing, and it is not like OLED panel will have a long-term branding problem. In addition, it has a faster display response time as traditional LED panel, so it is more suitable for making larger size electronic display panel Depending on the product.

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