Last week, China’s Yangtze River storage company announced that it had conquered 128 layer 3D flash memory technology, achieving a QLC type capacity of 1.33tb, creating three world’s first. With the rapid development of domestic flash memory, Samsung and other companies are not idle. Samsung is developing 160 stacks of 3D flash memory.

For 3D flash memory, the more stack layers, the larger capacity, and the higher storage density. This is the core competitiveness of 3D flash memory. In 2020, the world will mass produce 100 + layers of 3D flash memory.

However, the technical solutions of each company are different. The BICS 5-generation 3D flash memory of Toshiba and Xishi has 112 layers, Meguiar and SK Hynix have 128 layers, Intel has 144 layers, and floating gate technology. The sixth generation v-nand flash memory launched by Samsung last year has achieved 136 layers, which is also the main force of mass production this year.

After 136 layers, Samsung is currently developing 3D flash memory with 160 layers and above, which will become the basis of the seventh generation of v-nand flash memory.

Samsung is developing 160 stacks of 3D flash memory, which will greatly improve the manufacturing process

At present, there is no detailed technical information about the 160 layer + 3D flash memory. South Korean media reported that Samsung may greatly improve its manufacturing process, upgrading from the current single stack to double stack, so as to manufacture a higher number of layers of 3D flash memory.

Considering Samsung’s share in NAND flash industry is more than 1 / 3 and its strength is the strongest, the 160 + layer stack of flash memory should also be the first one for them to continue to maintain its advantages in flash memory technology and widen the gap with rivals.

By the way, in terms of the number of layers, Samsung’s 160 + is not the highest. SK Hynix announced last year that it is developing 4D flash memory with 176 layer stack. However, their flash memory structure and even naming are different from those of other manufacturers, so we can’t just look at the number of layers.

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