On January 6, the news about the renaming of Samsung’s new generation flagship Galaxy S11 series is rampant. Up to now, the outside world has basically unified the understanding of the new name of Galaxy S20, and has a corresponding understanding of the appearance and configuration of this series of new machines.

Now there is the latest news. Recently, Samsung officially released a notice that there will be an important activity about Galaxy mobile phones on February 11. If nothing unexpected, the protagonist of this activity is the new flagship of Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung Galaxy S20 successively exposed information, and the second folding screen mobile phone is expected to be released synchronously next November

According to the practice of previous years, Samsung will generally launch the flagship of Galaxy S series at the MWC world mobile conference held at the end of February every year. According to the notice released this time, although the official does not indicate that the flagship of Galaxy S20 series is launched this time, it is almost the same from all aspects. It is worth noting that from the officially released video, Chinese and foreign media speculate that in addition to the galaxy S20, there is likely to be a new Galaxy fold 2 folding screen mobile phone.

In other aspects, according to the previously exposed news, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series will include Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 ultra, which will continue the previous design of perforated comprehensive screen. The screen size of S20 ultra is about 6.2 inches, S20 is expected to be 6.7 inches, and S20 + will reach 6.9 inches. It will be equipped with a new exynos 9830 processor and Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor, supplemented by lpddr5 ram, a front 10MP pixel camera, a rear 100 million pixel camera module, and a Samsung customized photosensitive element isocell bright Hm1. It has the ability of 10x Optical Zoom and 100x hybrid zoom, and can shoot up to 8K video pictures.

It is reported that the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series is expected to be officially unveiled in February next year. Compared with the previous Galaxy S10 series, the galaxy S20 series will be greatly upgraded in terms of performance, image and screen, and a new generation of folding screen mobile phone Galaxy fold2 will be unveiled simultaneously. We’ll see more details.

Recently, the Samsung unpacked 2020 promotional film was exposed, and the activity will be held on February 11. At that time, the new Galaxy mobile phone will appear. In addition to the long rumored Samsung Galaxy S11 (or S20) series, Samsung’s second folding screen mobile phone is expected to be released together.

Samsung S11 series: three models equipped with 100 million pixel camera

It is reported that Samsung’s next-generation flagship mobile phone may be named Galaxy S11, or it may enable the new serial number S20. In any case, the new machine will include three screen size models, including 6.2-inch entry model (s11e or S20), 6.7-inch advanced model (S11 or S20 +) and 6.9-inch high-end model (S11 + or S20 ultra). The whole system is equipped with single hole OLED screen, Xiaolong 865 chip and 100 million pixel camera. The differences are reflected in screen refresh rate (120Hz), storage Battery capacity and telephoto camera.

Among them, the rear camera layout of Samsung S11 (or S20 +) model has recently been exposed and configured as four cameras. In addition to 108 million Samsung customized CIS, telephoto, ultra wide angle and TOF, there is also a periscope telephoto camera, which can realize 5x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom.

Due to the Xiaolong 865, the whole series of Samsung S11 (or S20) will support 5g dual-mode. In addition, there will be Orion 990 in the European market. The storage configuration of the series is expected to be 8 + 128GB. Depending on the version, it also includes 8 + 256gb, 12 + 512gb, etc. the battery capacity is 4000 / 4500 / 5000mAh respectively. The estimated selling price is from US $800 (about 5572 yuan).

Next generation Galaxy folding screen phone or debut

In addition, Samsung’s second folding screen mobile phone (or galaxy fold2) that has been exposed for many times is also expected to be announced at the press conference. The machine is expected to adopt 6.7-inch ultra-thin glass flexible OLED screen and flip folding design, in which the screen is a single hole.

Other specifications of Samsung Galaxy fold2 also include Xiaolong 865 chip, 12 + 256gb storage, 45W fast charge support, and dual camera, which may cost about $1000 (about 6965 yuan).

Previously, it was reported that Samsung S11 (or S20) series will be sold in North America, Europe and other markets on February 17, and the BOC version will be listed later; The launch date of the new folding screen is not clear.

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