Recently, according to Korean media reports, Samsung’s second folding screen mobile phone Galaxy fold 2 may go on sale earlier than S11.

It is said that galaxy fold 2 will be released together with Galaxy S11, but Samsung plans to sell Galaxy fold 2 immediately after the release. It will be distributed earlier than S11 – or at least in South Korea.

According to the real photos of the suspected Galaxy fold 2 exposed by @ Wang benhong, the fold 2 will adopt the longitudinal folding design, which is consistent with Razr, but the glass protection screen is upgraded.

In addition, it is also reported that the price of Galaxy fold 2 is about $1000. In other words, fold 2 will be a “mid-range” folding screen model.

Based on the above two points, Galaxy fold 2 and Razr are very similar in design and pricing, and competition is inevitable between them.

Therefore, Korean media speculated that the reason for Samsung’s early sale was Razr. The folding screen Razr mobile phone released by Motorola was a great success, and even decided to postpone shipment because of soaring demand. Samsung may want to seize this opportunity to push the fold 2 into the market before Razr officially goes on sale.

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