On October 20, the world-renowned brand consulting company Interbrand released the “2021 Best Global Brands 2021” (Best Global Brands 2021), Samsung Electronics ranked fifth with a brand value of 74.6 billion US dollars, an increase of 20% compared to 2020 . This is the second consecutive year that Samsung Electronics has maintained a significant increase in brand value since it first entered the top five in the list last year. times.

Samsung Electronics brand value growth history (Interbrand)

As one of the most credible brand rankings in the world, the Interbrand brand value ranking is calculated through comprehensive analysis, including detailed analysis of financial performance, brand influence on purchasing behavior, and brand competitiveness. The report released by Interbrand shows that the key factors driving the growth of Samsung Electronics in 2021 are: user-centric, continuous launch of innovative products, leading the development of AI, 5G and other cutting-edge technologies; develop.

Continue to lead the cutting-edge technology

Samsung has always regarded innovation as the DNA of enterprise development. Through the “user-centered” management innovation system, Samsung has maintained an active source of innovation in products and services, providing consumers with optimized experience and effective value service. In recent years, Samsung has launched innovative products such as Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Neo QLED 8K TV, and Bespoke series of home appliances that lead consumer trends. Through its own innovative R&D advantages, it leads the development of cutting-edge technologies in AI, 5G, autonomous driving and other fields, driving the industry change. This has also become an important reason for the substantial increase in the brand value of Samsung Electronics.

Taking flexible screen products as an example, after Samsung took the lead in the industry to develop a new category of mobile terminals such as folding screens, it has made a new step every year, and has continuously upgraded and iterated products in terms of materials and technologies. In 2021, Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 are two new folding screen machines that have been greatly optimized in terms of durability and convenience, and are favored by consumers. Research firm Counterpoint Research pointed out that Samsung will have an 88% market share in the global folding screen mobile phone market in 2021.

In addition, Neo QLED 8K TV is a highly acclaimed product of Samsung. Through Samsung’s cutting-edge Mini LED technology, quantum dot matrix technology, audio and video tracking technology, etc., the latest Neo QLED 8K TV can bring consumers more realistic and realistic The immersive viewing experience demonstrates the forward-looking exploration of Samsung TV products in the high-end large-screen market.

Samsung launches Neo QLED 8K TV with quantum dot Mini LED panel

In addition to direct-to-consumer terminal product innovation, Samsung, as a multinational company with full industrial chain innovation capabilities, has demonstrated strong innovation capabilities in multiple fields such as display and semiconductors. In September this year, Samsung launched the first 200Mp resolution image sensor ISOCELL HP1, which is regarded by the industry as a major breakthrough in mobile imaging. With the support of this product, the photography level of mobile devices has been greatly upgraded again. . In the field of memory and system large-scale integration (LSI), Samsung not only occupies the first position in the industry, but also continuously introduces innovative products, promoting and enriching the global industrial chain ecology.

In the fields of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G and AI, Samsung has made remarkable achievements with its strong R&D investment and innovation strength. In the field of 5G, Samsung has complete end-to-end advantages in chipsets, core networks, terminal equipment, wireless solutions and other fields, and continues to launch 5G new technologies and solutions to help the continuous expansion of global 5G applications and become The industry-recognized leader of the 5G golden track.

In the field of AI, Samsung has built seven large-scale artificial intelligence centers around the world, with thousands of artificial intelligence engineers and researchers working in different disciplines involving AI technology, and successfully implementing scene-based applications.

Adhere to sustainable development and fulfill social responsibility

In today’s world, sustainable development has become the trend of the times, and green, circular, and low-carbon development is becoming a new trend. As early as 1996, Samsung put forward the concept of “green management” and fulfilled its environmental protection responsibility, which showed Samsung’s leading awareness in the field of green environmental protection.

For example, Samsung insists on research and development of energy-saving products and technologies, and tries to build a comprehensive and sustainable development strategy through the “reduction, reuse, and recycling” approach. The eco-friendly packaging of Samsung TV products and the Samsung Galaxy Upcycling plan mentioned in the Interbrand report are all representative low-carbon actions of Samsung in recent years.

Samsung TV product packaging adheres to the selection of materials and strives for environmental protection. In terms of materials, it adopts recyclable thickened corrugated cardboard environmental protection packaging. The light dot matrix design allows consumers to use the packaging box to create small furniture more conveniently, thus creating a new trend of green and low-carbon environmental protection for the whole people.

Samsung TV adopts eco-friendly box design

In addition, the Galaxy Upcycling sustainable development plan is Samsung’s solution to the problem of recycling waste mobile phones and smart devices. It aims to reuse old smartphones and turn them into Internet of Things solutions, such as allowing consumers to turn old Galaxy phones into From baby listeners to pet care sensors, Samsung is giving consumers the option to reconfigure devices to create convenient IoT tools.

In addition to efforts in green and environmental protection, Samsung’s emphasis on and cultivation of talents further reflects its responsibility and responsibility as a multinational technology company. “Talent first” is one of the core corporate philosophies that Samsung adheres to. Therefore, Samsung regards “Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People” (Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People) as its global social responsibility vision. This is also an important content mentioned in the Interbrand report’s analysis of Samsung Electronics’ brand value.

Over the years, Samsung has taken the young people who carry the hope of the future as the training goal of future scientific and technological talents, and is committed to providing high-quality scientific and technological education for young people around the world. In the past ten years, Samsung has launched a series of global educational public welfare projects in more than 30 countries and regions including China, South Korea, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Thailand, such as Samsung Discover the Future, Samsung Innovation Academy, etc., allowing more than 5.7 million young people worldwide Benefiting from this, they have been rapidly improved in many aspects such as knowledge expansion, scientific literacy, and professional ability training.

Samsung launches educational public welfare projects around the world, benefiting millions of teenagers

“This year, the brand value of Samsung Electronics has achieved an astonishing double-digit growth, and has achieved extremely exciting results. In the future, Samsung Electronics will continue to focus on consumer needs, listen to consumers’ voices, and repay the enthusiastic support of consumers.” ,” said YH Lee, vice president of Samsung Electronics Global Marketing Center. Samsung has always been committed to providing meaningful innovations to meet consumer needs, and is also committed to exploring the infinite possibilities of the future through meaningful innovations.

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