Samsung display will start trial production of qd-oled next month, according to the elec. The new production line, called Q1, is located in the city of Yashan, South Dao, Zhongqing, South Korea, and is mainly responsible for the production of qd-oled (organic light emitting diode) panels. As early as July this year, Samsung display began to put equipment into production to prepare qd-oled panels. Samsung display said at that time that it would complete the construction of the production line by the end of this year and start mass production in 2021.

At present, Samsung display is dominant in the field of small OLEDs such as smart phones, but in terms of large panels, its LCD business has lagged behind Chinese competitors such as BOE.

Samsung display will start trial production of qd-oled next month

So far, lgdisplay has been the only manufacturer of large-scale OLED panels. Samsung display’s success in qd-oled will determine the future growth of large-scale OLED panel industry.

According to the report, starting in December, Samsung display will take about three months to complete the necessary production steps and another six months to stabilize the yield. It is estimated that the production capacity will reach 15000 pieces per month at the beginning of the first quarter, and the full capacity of the production line will reach 30000 pieces per month.

In addition, whether Samsung display decides to make additional investment in qd-oled will be determined in May next year. At present, it needs to stabilize the yield to attract important customers such as Samsung Electronics and Sony. If the yield is too low or qd-oled can not meet the customer’s standard, Samsung display will probably transfer more investment to qned technology.

Samsung Electronics plans to ship 2 million Mini led TVs next year. The South Korean technology giant expects these products to compete with LG’s OLED TVs in the high-end sector in the next two to three years. If it succeeds, it may turn to qned more actively instead of investing too much energy in qd-oled.

Last October, Samsung display said it would invest 13.1 trillion won in QD displays, including qd-oled and qned.

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