Recently, Samsung display, Samsung storage and Samsung Wafer Foundry Division have made personnel adjustment at the president level.

Samsung display revealed yesterday (2) that the company will appoint its vice president (EVP) Choi Joo sun as its new president (CEO) and continue to serve as the head of large-scale display business. Lee Dong hoon, the former CEO, will become a consultant to Samsung display.

Samsung display personnel changes to accelerate the transformation of qd-oled display

The new president, Cui Zhoushan, graduated from Korea Institute of science and Technology (KAIST), is an expert in semiconductor design and has been leading Samsung display to develop quantum dot (QD) display panels.

In addition, EVP Kim Sung Chul, who is in charge of the small-size display business, will be promoted to President, who is an expert in OLED technology.

At this stage, Samsung display is stepping up its efforts to transform to QD display field as soon as possible and regain its competitive advantage. By 2025, Samsung display plans to invest 13.1 trillion won in QD display.

A few days ago, a person familiar with the industry disclosed that the qd-oled production line of Samsung display started trial production this month and mass production next year. Although Samsung display is currently betting on qd-oled display, whether it will continue to invest in the future will not be known until next May.

South Korean media reported that if the yield rate of qd-oled products is too low or the products do not meet the customer’s standards, Samsung display may not invest in qd-oled and instead invest in qdnanorod LED (qned) technology.

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