Recently, Samsung and live concert company livexlive media announced a cooperation to provide real-time augmented reality and virtual reality music experience for Samsung smartphones.

Both companies expressed the hope to bring immersive technology experience to music lovers around the world. Audiences can enjoy live performances in different forms such as augmented reality images, 360 degree VR videos, stereo videos and holograms.

At the Samsung developer conference recently held in San Jose, California, Paul Kim, general manager of Samsung XR department, gave us a preliminary understanding of this technology. On the Samsung XR booth, tetavi took photos with volume measurement technology to obtain the body data of VentureBeat reporter Dean takahashide and send it to Samsung smart phones, so Dean takahashide can enjoy himself in all directions on mobile phones.

“Our focus is on disseminating immersive content. We think this is the future.”

Samsung XR application updates XR (extended reality, including VR and AR) and 360 video content every day, and provides a large AR / VR content library. Through livexlive in Samsung XR, audiences will be able to participate in live music activities through exciting next-generation technologies such as holography, stereo video and live augmented reality.

In addition, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy both long and short VR / 360 degree content. Including pilot programs exclusively shown by livexlive and programs in cooperation with artists.

Rob Ellin, chairman and CEO of livexlive, said in a statement: “Samsung has brought a huge global audience and multi platform content distribution options that provide new opportunities. Our cooperation with Samsung will change the way people experience real-time streaming music.”

Livexlive will record 10 exclusive events using Samsung technology and provide them through all livexlive platforms and built-in players of Samsung devices. XR content will be logged on all Samsung XR platforms.

As the next-generation live social music platform connecting bands, brands and fans, livexlive has reached multi-year cooperation agreements with famous music content providers and obtained the exclusive right to broadcast more than 1500 music festivals and activities.

Since April 2019, livexlive has broadcast top music festivals around the world, produced more than 291 hours of live content, invited 233 artists, and produced more than 300 short original program clips, including live performances, podcasts, artist interviews, lifestyle clips and pilot programs.

Kim said he believes 5g wireless technology will make seamless distribution and viewing of XR possible.

“5g will certainly help. 4G has also helped the rapid development of youtube, Netflix and other streaming media services. Video buffering used to be a big problem, but we haven’t seen it in years. Similarly, for immersive content, we think immersive content can promote the popularity of 5g, and vice versa.”

He added, “one day, you can take out your mobile phone, quickly complete the shooting, and then share it on the social network. This idea seems to be very popular with the audience. We hope to launch long independent volume video content in the future.”

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