It’s interesting today. Samsung and glory announced their “water tester” respectively. They both use the under screen hole digging technology. Why is it a water tester? Glory is applied to glory V20, while Samsung is applied to a series a midrange machine. It can be seen that what is not a water tester?

To say which one is earlier, this time Samsung is actually faster. It is known as the first mass-produced off-screen perforated mobile phone, which is officially released. Glory V20 is just released. The real release time is on the 26th of this month, released in Beijing.

In fact, everyone’s understanding of Samsung is nothing more than s series and note series. The rest don’t understand and don’t consider it. I’m the same. After all, only these two series are flagship. Samsung’s mid-range phones and low-end phones generally have low cost performance and are not suitable for buying. This time, the off screen camera technology can be applied to a mid-range machine, which is really a bold attempt and a test of the water;

From the front, its position is still very conspicuous, but it can be hidden under special conditions. Samsung’s own applications have been adapted, but there is no third-party application. The back is still made of glass and has reflective effect. It is still a rear fingerprint identification. The back is still very consistent with the design of Samsung family ID. when you look at the back, you know it’s Samsung. Say a word of conscience, The back of Samsung’s broken midrange is much better than note 9!


However, the lens is not particularly good-looking. These two rear lenses are 24 million + 5 million depth of field pixels + 10 million pixel telephoto lens, my God! Samsung actually uses three shots on a midrange machine, but it seems that it still uses four shots on the midrange machine a while ago. Anyway, the midrange machine is for Samsung to play and be a mouse; Although the front camera is larger than the glory V20, its pixels are also relatively high. The front camera of Samsung a8s is 24 million pixels; I don’t know what the sensor model is, but with Samsung’s character, it shouldn’t be used particularly well on a midrange machine. It’s the same sentence I said before. Samsung dares to use anything on a midrange machine.

128G of storage and up to 8g of ram. The processor is Qualcomm Xiaolong 710 processor. After all, it is a mid-range machine. I remember that the price of Samsung’s mid-range machine is generally not low. This mobile phone is not specially recommended for you to buy. In that sentence, this is a “white mouse”. If you buy it, your feedback will become its reference for S10. Of course, this is only my personal opinion;

The appearance of the front after the screen is turned off is still good. When taking photos and watching videos, it will automatically hide. This automatic hiding does not mean that it disappears, but that a row of display areas around it turn black. This lens is deliberately hidden. When displaying the normal picture, its lens is still very clear, which may affect the appearance a little;

But this front-end off-screen lens is a bit of black technology. It is integrated with the screen, and it can also be touched. What does it mean? This means that the position of the lens under the screen is also integrated with the screen. Many people doubt what to do if you eat chicken. The camera of this mobile phone does not affect eating chicken or other games at all, because its camera can be touched and has no protrusion. It is a piece of glass with the screen, which is a bit of black technology.

Is this phone worth recommending? I don’t think I recommend it very much, because Samsung S10 will also adopt this technology, and it must be better than it. The front lens pixel of Samsung s series is generally not high, so the under screen opening on the front must be smaller than it. Secondly, Samsung a series midrange machine itself is a water testing machine used to explore the market. It is not recommended that you be a white mouse;

However, if you especially like Samsung and the budget is not very high, if the mobile phone is around 3000, I think it is still worth buying. Samsung doesn’t use Qualcomm 710 for mid-range functions, usually 660 or even 636. It uses 710 this time. If the price is still very low, it’s really a matter of conscience. Moreover, it really has black technology. I think its back looks good, which is better than note 9; If you really like to try, you can still think about it.

Strictly speaking, this mobile phone is the first mass-produced under screen opening. I was wrong to say that Huawei is faster than Samsung. Unexpectedly, Samsung released a mobile phone before S10, and the glory V20 is a bright picture today. It was officially released on the 26th, and the Samsung a8s was officially released.

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