On April 7, the new product launch of Samsung appliances in 2022 was successfully held. With the theme of “technology, art and home”, the conference vividly explained Samsung’s in-depth understanding and insight into the relationship between technology, art and home through a rich matrix of home appliance products.

At the press conference, Samsung 2022 Neo qled series TV, the freestyle Samsung included intelligent projector, Samsung lifestyle series TV, Samsung bespoke home and other products all appeared, which not only reflected Samsung’s latest achievements in the field of scientific and technological innovation, but also demonstrated Samsung’s unremitting efforts to reshape the concept of future home.

“In recent years, Samsung has been thinking about how to integrate technology, art and home more closely. We hope to create a more artistic family atmosphere for consumers through our own scientific and technological strength.”

Cuishengzhi, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China, said, “in the post epidemic era, the connotation of home is expanding, and consumers’ requirements for the quality of family life are also rising. As a world-renowned home appliance technology enterprise, Samsung is committed to meeting consumers’ increasingly diverse personalized needs through our rich innovative products.

Neo qled 8K new product

Apply high-end technology to create excellent new experience

For a long time, Samsung aims to provide consumers with a better experience by using excellent technology. This year, Samsung upgraded and expanded Neo qled 8K series products. The Neo qled 8K light quality quantum dot TV qn700b released this time continues Samsung’s quantum dot Mini LED backlight technology. Compared with last year, the brightness level of the new backlight in 2022 was upgraded from 12 bit to 14 bit, which can present better picture details.

The quantum dot matrix technology adopted by qn700b adds adaptive light path control on the original basis, which can adapt and adjust the backlight according to different picture characteristics to better present the picture.

The AI deep learning algorithm integrated with Neo quantum dot 8K processor can analyze and sculpt the picture to form a high-quality image enhancement effect.

In terms of sound effects, the Dolby panoramic sound, sound and picture tracking technology and the “Q Symphony” technology coordinated with Samsung bar sound equipment equipped with Samsung Neo qled 8K series products can create 3D surround sound effects and enjoy an immersive audio-visual experience at home.

Neo qled 8K new product continues Samsung quantum dot Mini LED backlight technology, presenting better picture details

Samsung lifestyle series

Satisfy consumers’ imagination of “home”

Samsung brings consumers life inspiration and better home experience with creative art and high-end technology.

Based on the in-depth insight into consumer demand and the continuous polishing of product quality, Samsung appliances has refreshed the traditional definition of home by consumers, endowing home with more possibilities and meeting their imagination of home. Rich concepts and functions such as galleries, cinemas and gyms can be integrated into daily home life, and also extend the concept of home to a broader range.

The freestyle Samsung included intelligent projector is one of the highlights of this press conference. This “new favorite of trendy Games” for generation Z has attracted wide attention with its multi-function and lightweight appearance.

The freestyle Samsung comes with 1080p Full HD resolution. It is also equipped with automatic ladder correction, automatic leveling and automatic focusing functions, which can easily project a 16:9 clear and upright picture. The 180 ° rotating bracket at the bottom supports multi angle on-demand projection, and the projection screen can reach up to 100 inches. The product has built-in 5W omni-directional speakers to provide clear and lifelike high-quality surround sound and realize theater level sound experience.

The freestyle Samsung included smart projector is also equipped with an environment screen mode. Users can easily create a personalized and unique home atmosphere through its built-in wallpaper and translucent filter lampshade.

The freestyle Samsung comes with a body weight of only 0.8kg, which can be held with one hand. With a portable mobile power base, it can travel with users, like “walking in the shadow”. The small and portable features of the product will also bring users more fun and inspiration, experience more wonderful in the process of unlocking “100 kinds of Freestyle playing methods”, and add more happiness to “home”.

The freestyle Samsung’s compact and portable features will also bring users more fun and inspiration

The frame wall painting series and the serif painting series in the Samsung lifestyle TV series have changed the traditional positioning of TV limited to audio-visual, created a more diversified home experience for users, and opened the artistic process of Samsung TV.

The new products of the 2022 wall painting series and border painting series are equipped with new matte display screens with anti glare, anti reflection and anti fingerprint features, providing users with a pleasant and comfortable viewing experience.

The frame wall painting series continues to use the elegant frame shape and simple cable design. The thin back allows the TV to “closely fit” with the wall. With the customized standby screen, the exquisite Samsung TV can be transformed into a private gallery.

The capital “I” shape of the serif painting series shows aesthetic individuality. The novel bracket installation makes the TV more flexible and tidy, adds artistic and modern atmosphere to the users’ interior decoration, and improves the space taste at home. At the same time, the new products of the two series will also be equipped with Samsung solar remote controller, which can be charged by using indoor light, outdoor light or USB.

Samsung bespoke home series

Brighten the color of life with art

Samsung attaches importance to consumers’ personalized experience and artistic aesthetics, and is committed to bringing better daily life to consumers with excellent technological innovation and personalized products.

Samsung adheres to the concept of “Samsung colorful platinum home solution” and brings the upgrade of “color + intelligence”. Through the combination of art, intelligence and technology, Samsung bespoke home series products create a multi scene and multi-dimensional new experience of smart appliances with “color and shape”.

The new member of the Samsung bespoke home family, the Samsung bespoke colorful platinum lattice cross door refrigerator, which is unveiled this time, continues to be designed in a variety of combinations and adds new colors. It can be combined with the series of single door and two door refrigerators to meet the actual needs of users at different stages. With multiple collocations of different colors and panel materials, the simple and fashionable style makes the home space jump from monotony and bring different home aesthetics.

In terms of fresh-keeping technology, it also has more new upgrades. It adopts broadband variable temperature design and ice fresh-keeping technology, and a variety of user-defined storage modes, giving consideration to space use and fresh-keeping of food materials. At the same time, it is equipped with frost free three cycle refrigeration technology, which can quickly cool, maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity in each room, and realize fine fresh storage.

Samsung bespoke colorful platinum lattice cross door refrigerator continues the design concept of combination and collocation and adds new colors

Taking into account the practical and aesthetic design concepts, we insist on making our products full of human warmth with science and technology. Samsung’s new bespoke colorful platinum lattice washing machine and clothes dryer are striking. Together with Samsung bespoke colorful platinum lattice clothes care machine, we provide users with new clothes washing and care solutions and open a new era of intelligent clothes care.

Product design also has the DNA of art. Using strength to show that home appliances are no longer just home appliances, but also a carrier to show themselves and express their personality, so as to make consumers’ imaginary home a reality.

Samsung’s brand-new bespoke colorful platinum washing machine and clothes dryer are striking. Together with Samsung bespoke colorful platinum clothing care machine, they provide users with new clothing washing and care solutions

Samsung bespoke home family welcomed two new members in household appliances this year: vacuum cleaners and shoe care machines.

Among them, Samsung bespoke colorful platinum dust collector is equipped with Samsung’s powerful air pulse technology to achieve efficient cleaning through a 5-layer filtering system and effectively block 99.999% of fine dust. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an integrated multi-functional cleaning station, which will automatically charge after use.

The one button dust discharge design can complete the dumping with a simple action, which will not cause dust leakage and clean hands. Samsung’s exquisite requirements for life are more reflected in bespoke colorful platinum lattice shoe care machine. Equipped with powerful UV deodorization and UVC antibacterial technology, it can purify and remove odor, so that you can wear fresh and clean shoes to go out every day and enjoy a delicate life from the inside out.

Samsung bespoke home family welcomed two new members in household appliances this year: vacuum cleaners and shoe care machines

The Neo qled 8K product qn700b released this time has a 75 inch suggested retail price of 34999 yuan, a 65 inch suggested retail price of 21999 yuan, and a 55 inch suggested retail price of 15999 yuan; The freestyle Samsung included smart projector has a suggested retail price of 5999 yuan and has been sold in the Samsung online mall.

Samsung bespoke colorful platinum lattice series new products have also been launched. The recommended retail price of Samsung bespoke colorful platinum lattice cross door refrigerator is 30900 yuan. The recommended retail price of Samsung bespoke colorful platinum lattice clothing care machine is 20900 yuan, 17900 yuan and 13900 yuan respectively for crystal lens, halo powder and bright moon white. The recommended retail price of Samsung bespoke colorful platinum lattice vacuum cleaner is 5999 yuan.

Through the new definition of the relationship between technology, art and home, Samsung is committed to creating a better life and future, so as to realize its corporate vision of “jointly creating the future”. Samsung’s corporate vision aims to meet the severe environmental challenges facing the earth. Therefore, Samsung has put forward the concept of “persisting in practicing sustainable development”, vigorously promoted the green and low-carbon transformation, and contributed to the bright future of the earth.

In the future, Samsung will continue to “adhere to the practice of sustainable development” and continue to strengthen innovation and R & D, further integrate technology and art, and bring consumers more innovative products that meet their personalized and aesthetic needs, so as to make their homes more vibrant and their lives more imaginative.

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