In the early morning of December 8, Beijing time (the morning of December 7, Pacific time), at the risc-v summit 2021 conference, saifang Technology (hereinafter referred to as “saifang”), as the leader of China’s risc-v software and hardware ecology, announced the official delivery of the risc-v CPU core IP “Fang Tianshu”, which is independently developed and has the highest performance in the world. “Fang Tianshu” is the official trade name of CPU IP “Tianshu” released by saifang technology earlier. “Fang” means the light at sunrise, and “Tianshu” is the first star of the Big Dipper, which is closest to the North Star and guides the direction for the Big Dipper. “Fang Tianshu” means to guide the development direction of risc-v in the field of high-performance applications.

As a 64 bit ultra-high performance kernel designed based on risc-v instruction set architecture, Fang Tianshu provides the most complete instruction set so far, including rv64gc, bit operation extension (b), user level interrupt (n), and vector extension V (vector) V1 suitable for the field of high-performance computing 0 and hypervisor extension H (hypervisor), etc. Fang Tianshu adopts superscalar, deep out of order execution and other design elements in the microarchitecture design, and also makes in-depth optimization for performance and frequency.

Fang Tianshu has attracted extensive attention from the industry since its launch. Many customers from high-end application fields such as data center, PC, mobile device, high-performance network communication and machine learning have carried out in-depth cooperation with saifang. After the evaluation of customers in different scenarios, Fang Tianshu has the highest working frequency [email protected] 12nm,SPECint2006 8.9/GHz,Dhrystone 6.6 DMIPS/MHz、CoreMark7. 6/MHz。 Customers generally believe that Tianshu can better meet the requirements in terms of high performance. At the same time, using the processor core can realize fast, flexible and free development, greatly improve work efficiency and speed up the landing of products and projects.

Fang Tianshu is the representative IP of risc-v in the field of high-performance applications and an important milestone for saifang to realize the leapfrog development of products. The official delivery marks a new stage in the development of risc-v architecture, which means that risc-v chip products have moved from IOT to high-end. In the future, saifang will continue to achieve technological breakthroughs, rapidly iterate products, and launch rich risc-v processor core series IP to further meet the changing needs of different fields and realize the application of risc-v in more high-end application scenarios.

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