1、 Matters needing attention and preparation for S7 communication between Siemens S7-200 smart series PLC and s7-1200

1. The S7 communication between s7-200smartcpu and s7-1200 has not been officially tested by Siemens. This document is only used by customers for testing. Any danger caused by using this communication mode shall be borne by customers themselves!

2. S7-200smartplcv2.0 only supports put / get communication. V1.0 CPU needs to upgrade firmware to support put / get communication.

3. Hardware preparation:


② S7-200smartcpu (firmware V2.0)

③ PC (with Ethernet card)

④ TP Ethernet cable

4. Software preparation:



2、 S7-1200 side hardware configuration and network configuration

1. Use tiav13 software to create a new project, add a s7-1200 site and assign network and IP address to it.

2. Add a new connection for s7-1200cpu in the network view of TIA software. Select “not specified” in the pop-up “create new connection” dialog box, and then click the “add” button to add a new connection. You need to specify the IP address and TSAP of the connection partner for the newly created connection.

Note: TSAP of S7-200 smart side can only be set to 03.00 or 03.01.


3、 TIA software programming

1。 Create sending data block db1 (similar to receiving area data block DB2). The data block is defined as an array of 200 bytes, and the “optimized block access” option needs to be canceled in the attributes of the data block.

2. when the sending data block and the receiving data block are created, the PUT/GET instruction can be invoked in OB1 for S7 communication.


3. Based on the above steps, we have completed the programming of s7-1200 hardware and software, and only need to download the program to s7-1200 PLC.

4. The successful establishment of the S7 connection is the basis of calling the put / get instruction. After the successful establishment of the S7 connection, the put / get instruction can be executed correctly.

In the network view of TIA software, switch the software to online mode to monitor the S7 connection status.

Note: Area V in s7-200smart corresponds to db1, which is the communication partner data area addr used in put instruction_ 1 = P # db1. Dbx0.0byte200 is vb0 ~ vb199 in s7-200smar.

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