The Russian Ministry of economic development is formulating the application strategy and road map of artificial intelligence in the fields of health, transportation, smart city, agriculture, industry and defense industrial complex. By 2024, no less than 15 such policies will be formulated.

In the field of health, artificial intelligence will be used to develop new drugs, provide help in disease diagnosis by interpreting medical images, and create a system that can diagnose, prescribe and issue medical decisions.

In the field of transportation, artificial intelligence technology is applied to driverless vehicles such as vehicles running in cities, and UAVs are used to organize transportation and predict the condition of vehicles.

Russia uses artificial intelligence to monitor the safety technology of industrial facilities

In the industrial field, artificial intelligence will be used to monitor the safety technology of industrial facilities, predict the operation of equipment and individual components, and ensure product quality. In addition, it is planned to use artificial intelligence as an assistant to design new parts and products.

In terms of creating a “smart city”, first, artificial intelligence is used to monitor street safety and report to the police, analyze the traffic flow of mega cities and predict the probability of criminal activities in various regions; Secondly, the face and voice of Russian residents will be recognized by technology to speed up access to government services. Robot assistants will appear in the multi-functional center, and voice assistants will appear in the information consulting services of state institutions; Finally, artificial intelligence is used to analyze posts on social networks to help urban management departments determine popular tourist spots.

It is reported that the Russian savings bank and the Russian direct investment fund are the main participants in the formulation of the above policies.

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