Russian State Research University “Moscow Institute of electronic technology” has recently developed a new type of peritoneal dialysis instrument, which has the characteristics of portability, providing convenience for patients with renal failure. At present, the peritoneal dialysis machine has passed laboratory and animal experiments, and was exhibited at the “2017 – University Industry Expo” held in Moscow in mid December 2017.

Peritoneal dialysis apparatus is suitable for blood purification of patients with acute and chronic renal failure, removing metabolites, maintaining electrolyte and acid-base balance, and can be used for rescue of patients with poisoning. The peritoneal dialyzer developed by Moscow Institute of electronic technology can realize continuous regeneration of dialysate, and only need to change dialysate once or twice a day, thus realizing a portable technical scheme.

Modern medicine uses two medical methods for artificial purification of human blood: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is to drain the human blood into the dialyzer outside the body. Through the diffusion / convection of blood and dialysate inside and outside the hollow fibers, the material exchange is carried out to remove the metabolic waste and excessive water in the body, maintain the electrolyte and acid-base balance, and finally return the purified blood, and the purification process is carried out in special medical institutions; while peritoneal dialysis is the use of human body’s The peritoneal membrane of the body is used as the dialysis membrane. Through the exchange of solute and water between the dialysate injected into the peritoneal cavity and the plasma in the capillaries on the other side of the peritoneum, the metabolic waste and excessive water in the body are removed. At the same time, the necessary substances for the body are supplemented by dialysate. Therefore, the peritoneal dialysis fluid needs to be constantly updated to achieve the purpose of renal replacement or supporting treatment.

Moscow Institute of electronics has been specialized in the research of artificial organs for a long time.

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