In the face of complex scenes such as complex lighting environment, flow of people and cars, and changeable human movements, imaging quality, image effect and detail presentation ability are important indicators to consider IPC scheme technology. Recently, two IPC schemes rv1126 and rv1109 of Ruixin micro have been upgraded. Based on the isp2.0 technology developed by Ruixin micro, it shows the advantages visible to the naked eye.

Ruixin micro comes with AI algorithm to realize intelligent security application

1、 Black full-color shadow less, backlight strong light are clear

Based on the six technical features of rv1126 and rv1109, such as multi-level noise reduction, 3-frame HDR, sharpness & contrast, smartae intelligent automatic exposure, AWB white balance and distortion correction, the performance in different scenes has obvious advantages.

1) Low noise contrast: less drag and clearer

In the night environment, pedestrians come and go, and in the weak light environment, through the actual measurement, it can be found that compared with other schemes, rv1126 and rv1109 with “multi-level noise reduction” technology present the picture of pedestrians waving without dragging shadow, less dark corner noise in the lane, clearer motorcycle license plate, extremely low dark noise, strong noise suppression ability, and no obvious backlight overflow.

2) HDR comparison: clearer display

In the dynamic ratio10x scene comparison between the left and right of the laboratory, rv1126 and rv1109 rely on three frame HDR technology to make the beauty’s head and wall more delicate under strong light, and the newspaper text more clear. Moreover, the over exposure of the highlighted area is suppressed, so that the details can be preserved. Compared with other schemes, the dark area face brightness of rv1126 and rv1109 is restored to reality.

3) Sharpness and contrast: higher reduction

Sharpness is an index reflecting the image plane definition and edge sharpness. High sharpness can better restore the details. Contrast measures the performance of different brightness levels between the brightest white and the darkest black in the image. During the test, facing the complex scenes of urban roads, overpasses, traffic flow, street lights, buildings, etc., rv1126 and rv1109 bring better sharpness and contrast than their schemes. The technical advantages of rv1126 and rv1109 in sharpness and contrast are vividly reflected in the house outline, street lights, woods, and the architectural details and clarity in the long-range of the picture.

4) Contrast of different lumens: better brightness

In different lumens, the brightness of the picture is different. In order to restore the real side, the test of IPC scheme can have more ideal picture control ability. Through the actual measurement, it can be found that the overall brightness of rv1126 and rv1109 is better based on “smartae intelligent automatic exposure” technology at the luminosity level of 1 / 10 / 50Lux.

5) AWB white balance contrast: accurately restore the real scene color

AWB white balance is the key to the quality of the picture. Through the measurement and comparison, rv1126 and rv1109 accurately restore the real color of the scene through the “AWB white balance” technology in the daytime scene of blue sky, sunshine, road, cowboy and large area of green trees.

6) Wide angle contrast: accurate distortion control

In the wide-angle contrast test, the rv1126 and rv1109 are equipped with chip level distortion correction algorithm to accurately repair the distortion. It can be found that rv1126 and rv1109 control the distortion accurately, and the human body and door are in normal display state.

2、 100% more storage

Rv1126 and rv1109 adopt smart265 encoding technology, which can make the captured picture files high definition, large volume and easy to use

For example, using rv1126 and rv1109 to record 30 days of monitoring images can last for 60 days. It can be seen that with the same video source, the file volume is reduced by half after using smart265 technology.

3、 Bring AI algorithm to realize intelligent security application

At present, Ruixin micro has cooperated with many well-known AI algorithm companies, including Shangtang, Kuangshi, hongruan, yuemian, boguan, etc.

Rv1126 and rv1109 have their own AI algorithm, which can realize intelligent applications such as cross-border detection, face detection and license plate recognition, and speed up the landing process of products.

4、 One board, two computers, seamless upgrade

The hardware of rv1126 and rv1109 is pin2pin. Customers can seamlessly upgrade the camera from 5 megapixels to 14 megapixels, saving time and effort.

Through the comparison of pictures visible to the naked eye, it can be seen that the rv1126 and rv1109 solutions really start from the pain point of security products, and solve the requirements of reproducing the real picture, extending the recording time and expanding the security intelligent application scene in the face of complex scenes at the technical level. It can be predicted that Ruixin micro IPC solution will become the key technology choice in the security market and enhance the core competitiveness of products.

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