Recently, Ledman’s “COB packaged Micro LED display” has been recognized by Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association through procedures such as formal review, expert selection, review and publicity due to its technological leadership, product stability and good market prospects. , successfully listed on the list of Guangdong famous high-tech products in 2021.

At the end of the year and the beginning of spring, the first short-distance passenger transport route “Xinyi-Zhenjiang-Huangshan” at Xuzhou Xinyi Airport in Jiangsu officially launched! The Ledman COB ultra-high-definition display screen in the airport’s aviation flight service hall has been put into use as the airport’s comprehensive control and information display window, which helps Xinyi Airport’s digital and visual management, and promotes a new chapter in the optimization of Xinyi’s regional airspace resources.

GOWIN Semiconductor recently launched its GoBridge ASSP product line and released GWU2X and GWU2U USB interface bridge devices. GWU2X ASSP can convert USB interface to SPI, JTAG, I2C and GPIO, while GWU2U ASSP can realize USB to UART interface conversion. GOWINSemiconductor’s GoBridge ASSP products can be widely used in consumer, automotive, industrial and communication markets, flexibly realize interface conversion and simplify system design.

The unique big snowflake design at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the big snowflake project is independently developed and designed by BOE, and manufactured by Shenzhen Apex Electronics Co., Ltd. (Lehman Group), providing lighting display solutions. In world-renowned events, as the focus of the Winter Olympics, the lighting display scheme of the Big Snowflake project has strict requirements on lighting and light-emitting devices, and Ruifeng 1415 RGB gold wire LEDs help to complete this feat.

Ruifeng Optoelectronics RGB light source creates value for customers with reliable quality and perfect service, and helps major domestic and foreign display manufacturers to realize LED light display solutions. So far, Ruifeng RGB products have been in the C position in many cities around the world.

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