A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is crucial, whether it’s chasing dramas, playing online games, working from home, or taking online classes. If you encounter slow Wi-Fi network speed, freezes, or even intermittent "disconnection", it is probably because the router at home needs to be upgraded. Through the routing equipment equipped with the Qualcomm immersive home networking platform, a Mesh network covering the whole house can be formed, and a high-speed and stable network experience can be enjoyed at home.

Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 for more immersion

Watching ultra-high-definition videos online or playing games online has high requirements on the bandwidth and connectivity of the home wireless network, and requires a high-performance router to provide a strong Wi-Fi connection. The Qualcomm immersive home networking platform supports up to 8 Wi-Fi 6 data streams and provides gigabit-level Wi-Fi 6 connections, which can meet the high bandwidth requirements of video and games.

At the same time, routing devices equipped with Qualcomm's immersive home networking platform can also provide Wi-Fi 6 enhanced features and support multi-user traffic management technology, which can balance all Wi-Fi networking devices in the home. When playing games, give priority to More bandwidth for gaming devices, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

Full coverage, with Mesh

Many users have encountered a situation where the Wi-Fi experience "changes face" when they change rooms. This is mainly because the wireless network in use at home does not cover the whole house without dead ends. In response to this situation, two or more routing devices can be used to form a Mesh network, so that a strong Wi-Fi network can cover more rooms and minimize the areas where the signal is weak in the home.

The Qualcomm Immersive Home Networking Platform supports a wide range of Wi-Fi Mesh protocols and tools. Through routing devices equipped with the Qualcomm Immersive Home Networking Platform, a Mesh network covering the whole house can be formed, and you can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi without dead ends and full coverage at home at any time. -Fi experience.

Easy setup, lower threshold

Mesh networking is good, but how to set it up? Does it require complicated operations? Qualcomm's immersive home networking platform also fully considers the easy-to-use and user-friendly experience.

Qualcomm's immersive home networking platform has specially added the Bluetooth function, allowing users to connect with devices through Bluetooth on their mobile phones, easily configure Wi-Fi devices in the whole house, and reduce the "technical threshold" of Mesh networking. With simple and easy operations, home Mesh networking can be performed.

At present, Xiaomi router AX6000, H3C BX54 whale router, TP-LINK's "Avenue" and "Fei Liu" series of router products equipped with Qualcomm immersive home networking platform have all been launched, and you can choose products suitable for your family according to your needs.

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