On January 15, rokid, a well-known interactive technology company in China, held 2020 rokid open day in Hangzhou. This is the first open day for rokid in the past five years, presenting rokid’s latest thinking and achievements on AR technology. Zhu Mingming, founder and CEO of rokid, released the latest generation of AR glasses rokid glass 2 at the meeting, mainly for industry customers.

Rokid glass 2 is a foldable ar glasses. It has light and thin appearance, extreme performance, clear AR display, voice + Touch Dual interaction, and powerful expansion ability. Applicable to security, industry, education and other scenarios, it is a super ai.ar assistant created by rokid for industry customers.

Ultra light, foldable and comfortable to wear

Rokid glass 2 adopts the split design of glasses + dock, and customized 3.0mm ultra soft thin wire connects glasses with dock, greatly reducing the load of glasses. Through good weight distribution, aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy and EVA skin friendly lining, it brings an indentation free and extremely comfortable wearing experience. The ultra light weight of 90g makes you feel very comfortable even if you wear it continuously for several hours.

Rokid released the new ar glasses and created a super ai.ar assistant for industry customers

Equipped with rokid self-developed high-precision rotating shaft, through 20000 high-strength bending experiments, rokid glass 2 can be folded and stored like ordinary glasses. When wearing, the mirror legs can expand outward by up to 15 degrees, which can be easily worn even by users with large head shape. The external lens of the glasses is a removable shading lens, and the internal lens is a strong magnetic suction myopia lens. The installation and disassembly are very convenient, which can be completed within 1 second.

Array optical waveguide technology has excellent display effect

The display of rokid glass 2 adopts the industry-leading array optical waveguide technology, and the transmittance, contrast and color accuracy are higher than the industry average. The contrast ratio is up to 400:1, which is 8 times higher than the general optical mechanical contrast, bringing unparalleled clear and realistic display effect.

Rokid released the new ar glasses and created a super ai.ar assistant for industry customers

The left figure shows the contrast of general optical waveguide products, and the right figure shows the contrast of rokid glass 2

Its low-power LCOS display screen has a 40 ° field of view (FOV) and a resolution of 1280×720, which brings users the visual experience equivalent to 85 inch HD TV 3 meters away.

It is understood that AR products using optical waveguide technology are highly competitive in optical effect, appearance and mass production prospect.

Zhu Mingming, founder and CEO of rokid, said that among all products using array optical waveguide technology, rokid glass 2 has the smallest optical and mechanical volume. With the continuous efforts of rokid optical team, the product has the characteristics of small and thin, ultra wide viewing angle and clear imaging.

Super performance and endurance, localization of core devices

Equipped with NPU neural network processing chip and advanced image recognition algorithm, rokid glass 2 has strong performance in data processing, image acquisition and face recognition.

In terms of image acquisition, rokid glass 2 is equipped with an 8-megapixel autofocus camera with zero delay to meet high-definition shooting and real-time video streaming back in security, industrial and other scenes.

In face recognition, the speed of face recognition under NPU is as fast as 0.6 seconds, up to 10 faces can be recognized at the same time, and it is specially optimized for dark light and dynamic environment; The original offline recognition algorithm can store 300000 face data locally to meet the needs of fixed-point and dynamic fast face recognition.

As a productivity tool, the dock equipped with rokid glass 2 has a built-in 10000 MA (MAH) super battery, with a battery life of 8 hours, which meets the needs of long-term use in working scenarios. At the same time, it supports 4G, GPS and other expansion modules to meet the needs of customers in different industries.

In order to actively respond to the goal of “the localization rate of core devices will reach 70% within ten years” put forward by the Ministry of industry and information technology in the special action of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, all core devices of rokid glass 2 are made in China to meet the requirements of the government, security and other secret related fields and ensure information confidentiality and data security.

All voice is born for the industry, and the scheme development is completed in 14 days

In the application fields of law enforcement and security, practical training, industrial maintenance and assembly, power inspection, logistics and storage, AR glasses can greatly improve the production and training efficiency, improve the safety factor and even break through the capacity limit, so as to truly meet the most fundamental demand in these fields – emancipating both hands.

Rokid released the new ar glasses and created a super ai.ar assistant for industry customers

Rokid glass 2 is equipped with rokid’s self-developed full voice operating system, which fully integrates AI voice and AR, bringing an innovative interactive experience of “only moving mouth, not hands”. The whole operation process supports wake-up free speech recognition, and has also been specially optimized in noise reduction and directional recognition, making the response speed as fast as 0.5 seconds and the recognition accuracy as high as 98%.

The development mode of rokid glass 2 is also very simple. It will provide interactive SDK including voice, head control and touch, as well as functional SDK including face recognition, license plate recognition and object recognition. It also supports a variety of development environments such as Android studio, unity3d and CaCOs, and can complete the development of ar glass scheme as soon as two weeks.

The next generation of binocular products will be released in Q3 in 2020

Zhu Mingming, founder and CEO of rokid, said: “Since 2016, rokid has started the R & D and technical layout of AR products, covering top optics and display, chips, sensors, AI and human-computer interaction technologies such as intelligent voice, image vision and gesture recognition. We believe that the AR industry has a huge space. In terms of outbreak rhythm, 2b hardware will precede 2C hardware. Before 2C hardware is mature, rokid will focus on commercial applications And landing. “

It is reported that rokid ar team is actively developing the next generation binocular product, which is a lightweight integrated ar glasses. At that time, it will create a safe, efficient and intelligent hardware solution for enterprise customers, which is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2020.

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