Simon forms joint venture with Selba Solutions

Recently, Simon Group has upgraded its global layout and introduced a number of strategic measures. It invested heavily in ProtoPixel and established a joint venture with Selba Solutions to promote the accelerated development of the group’s core businesses such as smart lighting experience and electric vehicle energy management. In the post-epidemic era of global ecological changes, Simon Group is focusing on comprehensive deployment from the keen and precise strategic perspective of a century-old brand.

Simon Electric has nearly a hundred years of professional development history in the field of lighting. It has mature technology and well-known products that have won many international awards such as the iF Award and the Red Dot Award.

The strategic investment in ProtoPixel is a manifestation of Simon Electric’s deep empowerment of professional lighting products. Combining ProtoPixel’s excellent dynamic experiential lighting technology, Simon Electric will forge a solid integrated lighting platform in the future, allowing users to make full use of the platform technology for different lighting Design, deploy and control the environment, enhance the sense of experience, improve the product ecology, and further expand the global user group of Simon lighting products.

Axiomtek launches fanless high-performance embedded vehicle platform UST510-52B-FL for security monitoring

Recently, Axiomtek is very honored to launch a new vehicle-mounted embedded system UST510-52B-FL that has passed E-Mark certification and is equipped with up to 8 sets of RJ-45 IEEE802.3AF/AT PoE connectors. Equipped with LGA1151 socket Intel® Xeon®, 9th/8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Celeron® or Pentium® CPU, thermal design power (TDP) up to 65W, built-in Intel® C246 express chipset . Supports smart ignition power control to protect vehicle batteries from voltage instability, ideal for in-vehicle applications such as Network Video Recording (NVR), vehicle safety monitoring, vehicle control, fleet monitoring, and passenger infotainment systems.

The fanless smart car system UST510-52B-FL supports 8 sets of RJ-45 GbE PoE outputs through the internal PoE PSU power supply solution, providing 90W PoE power. Operators can directly connect IP cameras without installing additional PoE switches, greatly reducing overall deployment costs and reducing internal installation space. 2 sets of HDMI and VGA display ports support 3 sets of monitoring screen displays, providing drivers and commuters with timely and accurate road and traffic related information. In addition, UST510-52B-FL supports a wide temperature range from minus 40°C to high temperature of 60°C, and can withstand vibrations up to 3 Grms. And it has intelligent ignition power control function, which can automatically detect the input voltage and switch the corresponding power management mode to protect the vehicle battery and system. UST510-52B-FL supports 12/24VDC vehicle voltage specifications or 9 to 36 VDC industrial control applications. The application mode can be set and managed through the BIOS menu.

ROHM Develops Ultra-Efficient Battery Management Solution

The world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer ROHM (headquartered in Kyoto, Japan) has developed an ultra-efficient battery management solution (suitable for various wearable devices, electronic shelf labels, smart cards, etc.) for the growing Internet of Things field. Internet of Things devices) evaluation board “REFLVBMS001-EVK-001”, and has started selling on e-commerce platforms.

The “REFLVBMS001-EVK-001” evaluation board includes a power supply IC and a reset IC that adopt ROHM’s ultra-low quiescent current technology “Nano Energy™”, a charging control IC that supports new low-voltage secondary batteries, and Nippon Kariko Corporation’s thin and large High-capacity lithium-ion secondary battery “EnerCera®”. The circuit is very suitable for small IoT devices, among which, the 180nA ultra-low quiescent current power IC can reduce the power consumption of the power part of the application to a greater extent, and at the same time, the charging control IC that supports a wider charging voltage range can control charging, monitoring and discharge control. Using this evaluation board, it is possible to easily evaluate an ultra-thin and ultra-high-efficiency battery management solution that achieves a thickness of less than 0.60mm for all mounted components including a thin secondary battery.

In the future, ROHM will continue to develop various energy-saving high-performance analog ICs, including power supply ICs, and contribute to the further energy saving of many application products by providing excellent power supply solutions.

This article is comprehensively compiled from ROHM Simon Axiom Technology
Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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