Dynamis chooses Vicor’s DCM4623 module

After a long search for suitable DC-DC products, Dynamis finally chose Vicor’s DCM4623 module as it met all their system requirements. The Vicor DC-DC converter modules can operate in array mode to accommodate battery input power from 550V to 330V as the batteries discharge during races.

“As important as the product specification, we found a partner in Vicor who was willing to support our project by supplying us with modules and assisting us during the design process,” comments Marta Bragotto, Electronics and Powertrain – Logistics Manager . “They provided us with their engineers, and great white papers and technical documentation.”

Future plans include a dual low voltage system with 48V for cooling equipment and 12V for all on-board electronics. The system will use Vicor modules to convert the battery’s high voltage to 48V, and other modules to convert it from 48V to 12V.

Shijian won the title of “2021 Excellent Supplier” by Yi Delong

The “2021 Supplier Conference” of Suzhou Edron Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Suzhou. Tan Rongxi, managing director of Shijian System (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and Li Hui, sales director of Shijian International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., were invited to attend the meeting on behalf of Shijian. At the meeting, Yidelong awarded Shijian the title of “2021 Excellent Supplier”.

Shijian has been a long-term partner of Yidelong. Tan Rongxi, managing director of Shijian System (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., thanked Yidelong for his long-term affirmation of Shijian, and said: “Edlong is a company that can serve global customers The Chinese listed company that provides services is also one of the local EMS representatives focusing on high-end manufacturing. It is a great honor for Shijian to receive the support and recognition of Edelong for many years! 2021 is an unprecedentedly tense year for the global electronic component supply chain , as a leading supplier of electronic components in the Asia-Pacific region, Shijian and the original factory have worked together to ensure the supply of customers including Yi Delong. Yi Delong awarded Shijian the title of “2021 Excellent Supplier”, It is an affirmation of our excellent supply capacity and high-quality service in the past year, which is of great significance to Shijian. In the future, Shijian will continue to work closely with our partners and continue to innovate in the mutual benefit and win-win situation. Under the vision of progress, create new glories!”

Shijian and Yi Delong have cooperated since 2015. Over the years, the two companies have worked hand in hand to provide end customers with services such as stable supply chain, OEM and technical support. The product line of cooperation extended from the initial single ADI to BOURNS, and then further expanded to multiple product lines such as Qualcomm (CSR), Microchip, OMRON, SIMCom, and TRINAMIC.

Rohde & Schwarz will be present at the London exhibition

Rohde & Schwarz will be presenting EuMW at ExCel London, Hall 11, from April 4 to 6, 2022. Demonstrations at the Rohde & Schwarz booth covered a full range of microwave test solutions from gigahertz to terahertz.

One of the highlights at the Rohde & Schwarz stand was the recently launched R&S FSPN. As a pure phase noise analyzer and VCO tester, the R&S FSPN offers unrivaled performance combined with outstanding sensitivity, accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Rohde & Schwarz designed this new instrument to meet the requirements of production test and design engineers who perform high-speed, Real-time phase noise measurement. The R&S FSPN expands the Rohde & Schwarz phase noise portfolio, which already includes the successful, market-leading ultra-high performance R&S FSWP phase noise, spectrum and signal analyzer.

Another demonstration showed the R&S VSESIM-VSS signal creation and analysis tool, which combines EDA simulation with RF testing. Rohde & Schwarz and Cadence collaborated to provide the solution, which aims to simplify the engineering process from RF design to implementation and improve accuracy by using real signals to test design simulation and hardware implementation. The R&S VSESIM-VSS speeds up the development process of RF components and is especially useful for customers in the wireless, automotive, aerospace and defense industries and manufacturers of active components and systems.

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