In cooperation with Schwarz and NOFFZ, the market-leading supplier of custom test systems, Rohde has integrated the proven R&S Compact Field (CATR) technology and the advanced radar echo simulator R&S AREG800A into the NOFFZ multifunctional end-of-line detection (EoL ) Radar Sensor Test System UTP 5069 CATR. The result is a fast, accurate and efficient test system that plays an important role in the transition of radar sensors from development to mass production.

The R&S ATS1500C uses Rohde & Schwarz's CATR technology to create high-quality far-field conditions in a very compact space. (Image: NOFFZ)

Radar sensors have become a key component of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD). For a better SAE Level 3 (Society of Automotive Engineers Standard Level 3) driving experience on autonomous roads, radar sensors must adapt to more complex traffic scenarios. As a result, the spatial resolution of imaging radar sensors is significantly improved, requiring larger antenna apertures. Measuring these radar sensors in the direct far field (DFF) is impractical for a production environment. Today, R&S creates high-quality far-field conditions and large quiet zones in a compact physical space with the Compact Field (CATR) technology in the ATS1500C chamber.

NOFFZ's UTP 5069 CATR End of Line Inspection (EoL) Tester is designed for high volume production testing and calibration. The product features numerous highlights, including an extremely low-reflection darkroom, one of the results of NOFFZ's more than 30 years of experience as a system integrator. The volume of UTP 5069 is less than 3.5 square meters, which is very small. The relative movement of the DUT during calibration, loading and unloading can be achieved with an integrated robot or goniometer. Two motion options can be selected according to the requirements for motion flexibility, position accuracy and cycle time.

With this fast, accurate test system that optimizes production and saves costs, TIer1 radar sensor and module suppliers are well-positioned for the development of next-generation radar technology.

The R&S ATS1500C CATR anechoic chamber and AREG800A radar target simulator series are used worldwide in radar development. At the same time, NOFFZ End-of-Line Inspection (EoL) radar sensor tester UTP 5069 is also used by global radar manufacturers due to its extensive coverage of various test requirements. In addition, the performance of this new test system was verified during its development by leading radar module developer Uhnder.

Despite the many challenges ahead on the road to autonomous driving, a test system produced by two automotive radar specialists, NOFFZ and Rohde & Schwarz, optimizes imaging radar with its high performance and precise measurements The transition from development to mass production is a critical step in advancing the commercialization of autonomous driving.

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