Rogers, one of Canada’s largest communication companies, and the University of Calgary recently announced the signing of a five-year agreement aimed at promoting innovative Internet of things research.

Dean Prevost, general manager of Rogers’ communication business department, said: “this cooperation will bring pioneering Internet of things research and innovation to relevant industries in Canada. It is also important to develop IOT applications and business solutions that promote industry transformation, support small enterprise expansion and drive economic development.”

Calgary mayor naheed Nenshi said: “in the past few months, the epidemic has made us more aware of the importance of Internet in our daily life, both for people and things. We really understand what Internet means to Canadians and Canadian enterprises, and we are proud to support the University of Calgary in promoting Internet of things research. “

Rogers communications is expected to begin deploying spectrum sharing technology this year

Previously, Rogers communication has provided a large number of Internet of things based services for residential and enterprise customers through its low-power wide area network (lpwa), and launched a wired Internet of things network in May 2019 to supplement the operator’s LTE and lte-m networks. The company has also begun to deploy 5g networks in some cities in Canada using the equipment of Swedish supplier Ericsson, including Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. The company said it would expand its deployment to more than 20 other cities by the end of 2020.

In a previous conference call with investors, Joe Natale, chief executive of Rogers, said that the company expects to start deploying spectrum sharing technology later this year. He said that the deployment of the technology would allow Rogers to use its current 4G spectrum to provide 5g services to the public.

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